Acacia Nicola Anasta is a 16 year old wizard at EESOM.


Acacia and Elena were identical twins born to Greek-American parents in the Czech-Republic on July 16, 1997. They lived in Prague where their pure-blood parents worked in a clothing store completely owned by wizards. Acacia and Elena were very different though. Acacia had a lot of friends and was wild, and impatient. Elena was more “one of the guys” and even though she was hyper like Acacia, she was slightly more tame and aggressive instead of bubbly. Their parents never really paid attention to them and couldn’t wait until they were accepted into the school. This was because they were 18 at the time, didn’t want the baby, but didn’t want to do adoption or abortion either.


Acacia is a wild child. She enjoys singing, dancing, and partying. She is a bit of a player and has kissed many guys. On the inside though, she actually very smart and gets great grades but she doesn’t want people knowing, as she was always afraid of what people thought of her and was more concerned about her looks. She was sorted into Mielkutė. Her patronus is the Polar Bear. Her boggart is Elena getting stabbed. Her amortentia smells are pizza, lemonade, and cooking meat.


She has silky brown hair and brown eyes. She is about 5'3" with a petite figure and weighs about 105 lbs.

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