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Анжели́на Раи́са Черникова is RPed by Red.
A. R. Chernikova is a fourth year Mielkuteė at the Slavic School of Magic, having transferred from Durmstrang Academy of Magic.
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Анжели́на Раи́са Черникова
Mielkutė, 4th Year
The Girl with the Twisted Mind
Vital Statistics
November 6
Ekaterina Chernikova

Abram Filipov
Nikolai Filipov

Katenka Filipov
Name Pronunciation
ANN-zeh-LEE-nah RYE-sa cher-NEE-koh-va
Eye Color
Hair Color
Magical Characteristics
Blood Status
Her own demise


Kova has been told that she is darkness wrapped in an innocent package. She looks the part of an innocent little angle, more like her father than her mother, with long brown hair which is sometimes blonde because she uses the Color-Change Charm on it and can't decide if she likes herself better as a brunette or as a blonde. Her eyes are blue but look green in the right light. She is skinny but very tall for her age.


Ekaterina Chernikova was on the run. She was responsible for the murder of three different families. Two being the families of prominent mudblood wizards and the other a regular muggle family. She changed her name to Aglaya Tsvetkov and moved from London back to Russia, her home country, where she met Abram Filipov, a half-blood wizard who quickly became infatuated with her. She used him as a cover and married him after just one month of being in a relationship.

To Abram, 'Aglaya' was perfect for him, and soon the two had three children. Their names were Nikolai Adam, Anzhelina Raisa, and Katenka Sofiya. Nikolai and Katenka were angels, but everyone sensed there was something different about Anzhelina. Anzhelina was her mother's favorite, and she would teach her about blood supremacy and let her read textbooks on the Dark Arts, as long as she kept their lessons a secret from her father. Anzhelina looked up to her mother, and loathed herself for being half-blood, thus isolating herself from her other siblings and her father because her mother was the only one with clean blood in the family.

At the age of ten, her brother was already attending the Eastern European School of Magic, just like their father. He had a broom already, and was practicing Quidditch during the summer, and she wanted to ride, jealous. Her first sign of magic, albeit a late one, happened, being able to float on her own when her brother wouldn't let her borrow the broom. Having been afraid that she would be some sort of half-blood squib, she cried tears of joy afterwards.

Unlike Nikolai, Anzhelina chose to attend Durmstrang, believing it to be the best school out of all her options. Her mother fully supported her. Anzhelina expected she would be popular, except she wasn't. Despite her nice personality, people didn't want to be her friend because of her disconcerting interest in the dark arts. She made one friend, a boy in her class who shared her interest, and she was convinced he was all the friends she needed.

Halfway through her third year, her mother's cover was blown. Ekaterina was promptly imprisoned, sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban. Abram was shocked and gained full custody of each of his three children, and moved Nikolai, Anzhelina and Katenka to Eastern Europe, forcing Anzhelina to continue the rest of her seven years of education at EESM with her brother.

She finished her third year at Durmstrang and the summer after she researched about her mother and the crimes she was imprisoned for, and grew to idolize her even more. Because she still had to use the 'Filipov' last name, she insisted everyone call her Kova, short for Chernikova. Her father and brother were not pleased, but little Katenka thought the name was pretty. She signs as 'A. R. Chernikova' but her teachers still refer to her as Anzhelina Filipov. She was sorted into Mielkutė, having been artistic her entire life, and is a fourth year. She tries to make friends, really she does, but everyone knows her as the insane girl with a twisted mind whose mother is in Azkaban, and that reputation does not help.

Personality and Traits

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Kova is sadistic, a blood supremacist, ruthless and cruel – and she is proud of it. She means well, but is not afraid to exhibit these parts of personality. She will help a stranger who has fallen down but will not hesitate to hex somebody for fun right in front of them five minutes later. Any kindness she is willing to extend to someone vanishes the moment she finds out they are muggle-born. Half-bloods are okay as long as they share her beliefs. She is artistic, being in the Mielkutė house, and is very fond of bright and girly colors like yellow, green, pink and purple.

Talk Bubble

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A. R. Chernikova Mielkutė, 5th Year • Russia
-"No matter how much you love someone, you still want to have you own way." ~C. Palahniuk

 12:52, April 18, 2014 (UTC)

"This is my talk bubble."

Skills and Magical Abilities

Kova is very skilled at the Dark Arts, jinxes, hexes, and curses, and also has an aptitude in Charms. She is very artistic and people have called her art beautiful, but in a disturbing way.





*Her favorite color is pink.
*She switches regular quills with blood quills, for fun.
*Her main goal in life is to end up in Azkaban – and escape.
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