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Benedikt Einarsson is RPed by Red.
Benedikt Einarsson is one of the few ghosts at the Eastern European School of Magic. He is a former Boyanova, and forever stuck in seventh year.
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Benedikt Einarsson
Vital Statistics
November 11
17, physically
29 chronologically
Einar and Anna (parents)
Jónas, Margrét, Njáll, Vigdís (siblings)
Name Pronunciation
Eye Color
Hair Color
Magical Characteristics
Blood Status
The Light
(used to be a) Rabbit


Benedikt is handsome, even as a ghost. His hair is forever stuck up, he will never be able to push it down, and shall remain gravity defying for the rest of his undead life. His eyes were green or blue, he vaguely remembers this, but he's definitely sure that he had brown hair while he was still alive. He can change clothes, for some reason, not stuck in the same appearance for the rest of his life, and for that, he is thankful to whatever gods may be.


"I don't know much about my living life.

"It's all a blur, you see. I remember some things like my sister's ginger hair, and my brother's laugh, but just glimpses, like a movie on fast forward before it all just stops.

"I've been in the library before, I've seen the article by Hrafn Arnarsson, the one about my murder. They say her name is Amory, Brenna Amory, who killed me. It's a depressing thought to think that she's the only face I can remember, because it's the last one I saw. I remember waking up in the forest, and I remember looking down at a dead body and realizing it was mine. The professors found it soon enough, and I stayed, invisible, to hear my story. My name is Benedikt Einarsson and I am seventeen years old, forever, apparently. I was in the house called Boyanova and I have an older brother, a younger brother, and two younger sisters, who are all in Boyanova too. I've only ever seen all of them once, and it was during my funeral. I hid for three years until my youngest sister graduated, and then I made myself known.

"Not to the professors of course. Something gives me the feeling they'll just tell my still-living parents or my still-living siblings, and I don't want to talk to them. They seem great. It's a pity I can barely remember their names.

"My favorite spot in the school is the dungeon. Anyone brave enough to venture into the dungeons will find me, and make my acquaintance. I don't particularly mind the living, they're the only company I'm getting anyway.

"I'm willing to make a few deals, of course. I'm one of the only ghosts at EESM, and a lot of people aren't even aware I'm alive (or is it dead?). Need to find out a secret? Know when the next pop quiz is? Pull a prank? I'm your guy. Everything has to be a fair trade, though, so I have tons of favors to cash in."

Personality and Traits

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Benedikt is the ultimate spy. After a decade or so, he's picked up and figured out all the tricks of being dead. Changing clothes? Check. Passing through walls? Check. Becoming invisible? Check. Temporary materializing? Check. He knows everything, and not just dead things too. He's stayed in the library a couple of times at night and browsed through nearly all the books, making his mind a storage unit for all kinds of trivia and knowledge. He sits in on some of the classes invisibly tons of times and has practically memorized the curriculum. He watches daily life as an invisible spectator, and probably knows what you want help for even before you can tell him.

Benedikt gets bored easily, which is why he's willing to do favors for the students as long as they're interesting. Other than that, death has been somewhat dull. He's learned to be lonely, and is content with solidarity, but can often be caught murmuring to himself.

Talk Bubble

Benedikt 2

Benedikt Einarsson Eyes of EESM • Ghost
-"Lack of charisma can be fatal."

 21:40, July 8, 2014 (UTC)

He smiles charmingly for your benefit. "What are you doing here?"

Skills and Magical Abilities

Ghost Abilities: Benedikt dedicated the first few years of death to figuring out all its tricks. He knows all the basics, and even some things on an expert level. Anything about being dead, he knows.


He has none whatsoever.



*Benedikt hates the nickname 'Ben'.
*His favorite clique in the school have to be the Aces. Something about them is familiar, he just can't remember it.
*He hates Rasskazov. After reading a few of the newspaper articles concerning his murder, he found out it happened within the first few years of Rasskazov's term as headmaster. Why haven't they sacked him yet?
*He's most loyal to his Boyanova clients.
*He's memorized how to get in and out of the maze.
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