• Luctor Et Emergo

    What Happened After

    November 27, 2014 by Luctor Et Emergo

    Now EESM is being laid to rest, I feel like I should tell what happened to my characters after the rebellion, instead of leaving everything in the dark.


    Oskar never overcame his social anxiety, but his talent grew and grew and he became a semi-successful musician. He's alone but happy, living in a small apartment back in Sweden, and is at peace.

    Angelika relapsed back into her eating disorder, but eventually recovered. She's still frail and breakable, but inside she's tough. She never did get to say goodbye to Z, and still thinks about him often.

    Aaron died at the age of 27 whilst making fireworks in his smoke-filled apartment in Novaspasskoye. Rumours spread that he was scared to grow old, hushed whispers claimed it might have been suici…

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  • LillyDaNinja


    November 27, 2014 by LillyDaNinja

    So I can see how badly this will hurt me when you say goodbye...

    I'm actually feeling a little tearful writing this blog post, and anyone who was ever part of this community will understand why. EESM quietened, and it's come to a point where picking up the storyline seems unjust, like it is peaceful and at rest now. It's like An Imperial Affliction, which ended in the middle of a sentence - a bit crazy, but that was the epitome of EESM's existence, and it seems almost fitting to leave it like this. I couldn't leave without writing this, and part of me will always be here with the characters I formed, the roleplays and rollercoasters that happened here, our crazy ideas, the plans we all made, the characters we all made. EESM was something di…

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  • Rabbitty


    November 8, 2014 by Rabbitty

    So it seems a bunch of shit when down in the week I was away. Since I wasn't there, it seems I could be a good person to be the impartial party to try to resolve this.


    First, a few misunderstanding I'd like to try to clear up:

    • No one hates EESM. We all love it, and we all want to try to save it.
    • No one wants anyone to get rid of their chars. Don't worry, your babies are safe.
    • No one wants EESM to be rule-abiding and non-incestuous or anything.

    Issues we need to discuss and come to compromises on:

    • The war. Some feel the was has either gone or long enough or too long, and at any rate should end now. Please comment in the comments about your idea situation, and how much you'd we willing to compromise.
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  • Luctor Et Emergo

    On my computer now, if you simply click the edit button, it takes you to the annoying, over-complicated VisualEditor. If you want to get rid of this and have the old editor back, click the drop down menu next to the Edit button and select "Classic Editor."

    Or, when the URL comes up whilst editing the page, it will say, for example:

    Get rid of the "ve", and you have your classic editor.

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  • LillyDaNinja

    My EESM Book :3

    September 8, 2014 by LillyDaNinja

    Eloquence Is Key=

    |-| My Personal Favourite Characters, And Why=

    10 - Kiku Hiranuma

    Kiku is so sensitive, I love him so much! At EESM, his sensitivity is something to be treasured by us users, it's beautiful. It really brings a tear to my eyes sometimes. Congrats Kibeth!

    9 - Luminita Kogălniceanu

    Emma, every time I see Lumi RPed I fangirl squeal. I'm not kidding, she's so unbelievably cutorable that it's kind of impossible for any other person to reach that level of kawaii-ness. :)

    8 - Anzhelina Raisa Chernikova

    Where do I even start with Kova? I lovelovelove how she's going against the flow in the current situation, and the sadistic element is fun to read. I love her sense of humour, that is actually really awesome.

    7 - Nayden Genkov

    6 - Kateryna …

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  • LiviaTheEmperess

    Stepping Down

    August 4, 2014 by LiviaTheEmperess

    Okay, due to me starting school, and wanting to focus on school and grades and DARP, I'll be stepping down from my postion as Bcrat because I've decided to focus on other stuff, and I said I'll focus on DARP this school year, and this school year means early August-late May, and really, who wants a basically inactive Bcrat? I'm focusing on DARP because I've decided I can only focus on one wiki, and I really want to have good grades this school year. I'll be on breaks and stuff,  but other than that, mostly inactive.

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  • LillyDaNinja


    June 27, 2014 by LillyDaNinja

    A lot of you will have noticed a party invite in your character's comments. Emelia,Apol and Val are hosting a party! It will include some things,but I made a list of things you should be aware of.

    This was specified as of age in the invite just in case a professor comes by one somehow, but you will probably get away with it if your character asks.

    It will be kept PG-13 please. If it goes beyond the character(s) involved will be asked to leave the party. There needs to be a GM for what is chosen from the hat, if you would be willing to do that please owl me.

    Again. PG-13, it's quite self explanatory, we also need a GM for the spinning of the bottle.

    If anyone has any further game ideas please owl me.

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  • Rabbitty


    June 18, 2014 by Rabbitty

    EESM's OOC time to IC time is the same as on DARP: 1 OOC day to 4 IC days. Refer to the DARP calender for that.

    As EESM is in Russia, it follows the Russian school year. Typically, students arrive at EESM on 1 September, and classes start on 2 September. The last day of classes is 25 May, and they go home on 26 May. This is sometimes changed by a day or two to accommodate weekends. There are school breaks, one in each season. Autumn break is a week in November. Winter break is two weeks in December and January. Spring break is the last week of March. On school breaks, students leave on Saturdays, and return on Sundays, in order to have the longest breaks possible.

    This Term
    The school year of 2021-2022
    Student arrival: 1 September
    First day of …

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  • Rabbitty


    June 1, 2014 by Rabbitty

    Just a list of categories to make sure you get your character categorized under.

    • Characters
    • Male or Female
    • Witch or Wizard
    • Blood Status
    • Month of Birth
    • Handedness
    • Legitimacy
    • Your username
    • Ethnicity and Nationality
    • Nation of Birth
    • Sexuality
    • Relationship Status
    • EESM House
    • House + Alumni or Students
    • Year
    • Eye Color
    • Hair Color
    • Clique or Cliqueless
    • Family (If there are other family members who are roleplayed)
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  • Rabbitty

    Family Tree

    May 26, 2014 by Rabbitty

    I'd like to encourage everyone to go on and type in

    Username: EESoM
    Password: wiki

    and make family trees for all the characters.

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  • LillyDaNinja

    Photoshop Posters

    April 28, 2014 by LillyDaNinja

    Well, I was supposed to write my essay but couldn't, so I did some random Photoshop work. I finished my essay and did some further and found I enjoyed it.

    I'd like to offer poster making for characters. First come first served. I'm working on a few as presents.

    Kira - Engjëllushe Dervishi

    Belle - Stelian Lupescu (present)

    Rabbit - Ileana Radu - present

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  • LiviaTheEmperess

    Okay, so I'm planning on having a wiki-wide Wiki Panning day, which, if you have a character, you're allowed to attend and pitch in ideas to help the wiki.

    I plan to have it on Sunday, but I would really want at least six of us there, and so, can you post below the time you think you'll be available on Sunday?

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  • LillyDaNinja

    The Aces

    March 6, 2014 by LillyDaNinja

    A group of Romanian fourth years who all have their weird quirks. Some of them more dangerous and dodgy. Most of them lean towards the darker side of morality, and use shrouded codenames to protect their identities from prying teachers. The names of the aces of playing represent the dangerous game they play...

    User: Lilly

    Name: Emelia Dalca


    • Dark - not good morally with dark intentions and dangerous skills.
    • Skilled with weapons - her parents were Dark Wizards, but since she was too young to learn magic, they slowly began teaching her martial arts and how to use various Muggle weapons. She always has a knife on her person, sometimes an array in her school robes.
    • Stealthy and secretive

    Model: Isabelle Fuhrman - Jorey said Clove ca…

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  • LillyDaNinja

    Well, we have a Guide (wasn't sure how to simplify word bubble process) and a town to RP in - so I was wondering whether we go for technical (policies, RFUR, etc.) or beginning work on the school. I would personally like to make the House pages if you are agreeable but I would like to know what you guys think - I.E Line,Mione,D...

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  • LiviaTheEmperess

    So, I created this to be a Slavic School of Magic, the school's founder, Ivan, created this to be Slavic/Eastern European school based. So, basically, this school was barred from outsiders from England and France and Germany and America and ohter countries like that.

    So here it is: One International student per user. It's not fair if someone has like, three international students and everyone else doesn't. Leave comments below if you wish, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that.



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  • LiviaTheEmperess

    Equal Tolerance

    February 11, 2014 by LiviaTheEmperess

    Okay, as you know, on DARP, we've been having some issues with the whole 'should we limit LGBT characters?'

    No, I'm not gonna talk about that situation, but what I am gonna talk is equal tolerance. Which means, no matter what opinion someone might have, we're not gonna say anything but just accept it.

    I joined wikia at the age of 12 and I am 13 now, and yet there's people who are older than me who should ALREADY accept everyone's opinions, yet they don't. I understand Jay's point of view, I'm bi myself, and my opinion is that while I don't think everyone's characters should be gay, but I don't think EVERYONE should have one.

    I'm pretty sure there are users that don't support gay people, and that's okay, it's their opinion, not mine. But havin…

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