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Brenna Lillith Amory, who goes by the alias "The Raven" is a freelance dark witch in Russia. She moved there from Austria upon hearing that her niece was going to EESM, hoping to convert her to the darker way of thinking. She doesn't know why the girl is so insolent in staying on the right side of the line with her naïve little friends, when being bad is much more bravery to it...the thrill of being caught.

Brenna means Raven maid, so she took her alias from that. Her surname should be Vargas, her sister Chiara's, but since she abandoned the weak-willed side she chose Amory. Because Amory means house ruler. Unfortunately she couldn't find anything that meant ruler of the world, to her dismay.

All Brenna wants is to dominate, and the lack of submissive people to walk over in high heels means she has to find people who can be enticed to help her in her mission. Stronger people in the environment...


Brenna means raven maid, dark-haired, which is rather ironic because she is blonde, so she tends to turn a blind eye to the last part.

Lillith means 'of the night' which she likes, because she thinks it keeps her dark aura, the one she tends to favour.

Amory means 'house ruler' showing domination which is her one true dream.

Brenna wishes that the last portion of her first name definition sounded a bit more relevant.

She will not change her name when she gets married, if she ever does, she's already changed it once and can't be bothered to do it again.

The name empowers her, ditching the perfect Chiara and subtly noting their differences.


Her birthday is August 16. It holds no significance for her because it is just another day, she gets older and in her career that's not necessarily a good thing.

She was born in Vienna, Austria. Her parents, Elizaveta and Roderich, are pure-blood, making her pure-blood.

She is Austrian, and speaks with a magically created British accent.

She is female.

Her looks are entirely her own with no evidence of parental inheritance — how this anomalous thing occurred she is not sure, although it fits with her being an 'anomalous result' in her pure, good family.

She stands at 1.69cm and weighs 6st 2.

She taught herself to be ambidextrous.

Her patronus is a raven.

Her boggart is being overthrown.

She smells bonfires when around amortentia.



Brenna's parents were both dark wizard catchers, and was thrilled on the birth of their second child Brenna Vargas. They were Austrian, and had Chiara Vargas two years prior. Chiara was already turning out the way they wanted, and they were hoping for another. Unfortunately she turned out to be a lot more troublesome than they predicted, especially regarding their careers.

She believed right from three years old that being the villain must be better and much more fun, and however much they tried to coerce her into changing her perspective she grew more and more obsessed with them, trying to sympathise with the people in comic books and eventually secretly making her life goal to taste the thrill of being a bad guy.

She started keeping her head down, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, as people who were obvious villains from the beginning were normally caught. She changed her motto. Without bad guys there would be no good guys. Only mere normal guys would remain.

At EESM she kept up the façade, often secretly studying dark magic in the forest at night, as well as your average lessons. So by the end of seventh year she was pretty deadly, and nobody even knew, although Chiara thought something was up.

The thrill of being a villain consumed her, and she was a bit bored of nobody in the family thinking the same way. Since Chiara and some British boy had a child, she has been trying to convert her. Now she's determined to dominate, tired of people's refusal she's decided brute force is the only option.


Brenna is an intellectual evil person, although even she has her naïve moments at times. She's not really your archetypical villain, although she has always tried to draw inspiration. She can be sadistic and has a viper tongue when her goals were threatened. She has an ideal future for herself as the domineer of the world, being the #1 target on Austrian and Russian lists makes her psyched, because it means she is good at being bad.

She prefers to keep her calm and give off an icy demeanour, one chilly and terrifying rather than the fiery nature of most book villains, she wants to appear likable to ensnare allies before they discover the real her, rather than immediately badass to be original and her own character rather than a mishmash of other names.

She despises nicknames.


Brenna's wand is a rare new Yew and Basilisk fang, 9 inches.

Basilisk; skin, fang, and rarely venom wands are incredibly rare, as the beasts are rare to begin with and hard to kill. Due to the rarity, they often are passed down from generation to generation, so basilisk-core wands are either the heirloom of Dark Wizards and pure-blood families or reforged wands from family cores. The occasional new basilisk wand will almost always bond to a Parselmouth or budding Dark Wizards. Very little good comes out of wielders of basilisk wands.

Yew — It has thin scaly brown bark, covering a thin layer of off-white sap wood with a darker heartwood that varies in color from brown to a magenta/purplish hue. Yew is a powerful wandwood. Due to its poisonous sap, it has Dark leanings, and is particularly good at Transfiguration.

  • Dark Magic Books
  • Owl
  • Formal wear
  • Her forest home
  • Robes
  • Dress robes
  • Prada bag, may or may not have been stolen
  • The photo album she carries, magically shrunk to fit into a small locket.
  • Aforesaid locket which was her mother's.


Chiara Kentwell

Chiara is her real hatred, the one who stole her spotlight and ruined the psychological 'younger being the centre of attention' by being the picture of perfection for her parents, turning them into people who just saw Brenna as imperfect. Always comparing her to their wonderful Chiara. Brenna has been trying to hurt her in the same way as Chiara indirectly hurt her by being such a wonderful person to their parents that Brenna was dismissed as an outcast by the family.

Lucia D'Ambrosio

Lucia is someone who Brenna gained an immediate dislike for, finding that Lucia was impatient and insistent, as well as insolent and impulsive. Though she will never admit it, not to Lucia at least, it is hard to call Lucia that because those are the exact words her parents used to describe her when she was Lucia's age, although Brenna may privately want to make remarks about Lucia's rather 'colourful' vocabulary.

Kateryna Vrubel

Kat is a lot like Loosh in Brenna's eyes except that Brenna couldn't hurt her due to her friendship with Larisa Vrubel. She's impertinent but not quite as much so and appears to be more sensitive than Lucia, probably easier to break, but if she did Larisa would probably kill or at least majorly injure her. She hopes that Kat will someday follow her mother as Shan might also.

Shannon Kentwell

Shannon is Brenna's insolent little niece, Chiara's daughter. Brenna's own child is as of now too young to be influenced by her mother, not that Ivan would ever let Delia anywhere near her. So, as a way of trying to get her own way and wound Chiara mentally simultaneously, she's been trying to turn her niece through lies and blackmail. As well as blatant threats. Brenna sees her as stubborn as Chiara, stubborn as a mule when it comes to sticking to her guns but with the same protective instinct. Frankly Shan is another Chiara and Brenna wants to amend that.

Professor Ivan Kadnikov

Ivan is a man from a brief affair that got her pregnant, but he took her only child with him, calling her a liar and a monster. Since this time he has been a object of her hatred and enmity almost as much as Chiara has but not quite.

"Morals are...suffocating."

"Well, as I understood it it was a familial conversation, darling. I'm glad you heeded the know that I would have been all too happy to enact the accident with as much mature gore as humanely possible."

"But there's a beauty in revenge. It's the satisfaction, and the drive to do it."

"And yes, until recently Chiara was my one purpose. Now a new one. World domination, duh."

"Kids these days. They all seem to love the hero of the story."

"Whoa there tiger, don't just make assumptions. I'm here to negotiate."

"But you can't do it, can you? You just proved that. Not quite as brave as you thought you were. Now put down the gun, girl, before I make you."

"I assure you, there is plenty to negotiate. These rash statements remind me what an immature and naïve child I am talking to. What are you? Eleven?"

"I follow nobody's orders except my own. That's the way I play the game."

"I did. I didn't request you and your entourage of girls...who have no reason to be here, just you. You haven't quite realised the cowardice of needing defendants."

  • Her model is Kate Winslet.
  • She is straight.
  • Her moral compass is True Evil.
  • Her user godparent is Jorey.


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