Character Claiming
Welcome to the first step in character creation! If you are making a student, click on Student Sorting below so we can give your student a house. If you are making an adult, click on Adult Sorting, so we can accept your adult, and get you started with RPing!

Name: Your character must have a first and last name. If they aren't human, then you get a pass, but otherwise, you need a first and last name.

History and Personality: Personality needs one paragraph, four sentences long. History needs two paragraphs, five sentences each.  If your character is a muggle-born, first signs of magic will be lovely, and if your character is a ghost, how they died will also be lovely.

Sorting Quiz: Answer every question in the sorting quiz, please, it is vital to which house you will be sorted into. If making an adult who did not attend EESM, this is not required.

Occupation (Adults): Saying what will be your adult's occupation will not grant them that job. If they have a job that does not require the Ministry or a store , then that is okay, otherwise, you will need to sign up for their occupation.

Rare and Natural Abilities: At any time, you can have five characters with rare and natural abilites. This includes photographic memory, metamorphmagi, part/full vampires, werewolves, part/full veela, ghosts and the likes. You can only have one charcter for each ability, in other words, you can't have two characters with the same abilities. You will need to state that your character is exotic, or you will get a warning.

International Students: Only one international (without at least one proven parent born in a Slavic or Scandinavian country) student is permitted per users, as it is not realistic for there to be more Americans or Britons than Russians or Bulgarians. We also request that students speak English, as that is the language that most lessons (with the exception of languages) will be taken in.