Дмитрий Ильич Рассказов

Headmaster of EESM

Дмитрий Ильич Рассказов is a Pure-Blood wizard, currently on the run. He is a graduate of the Eastern European School of Magic, attending for his full magical education, being sorted into Boyanova. He was the Transfiguration Professor until he became the Headmaster of EESM. Currently, he has left EESM to his bastard daughter, Brenna Amory.


Dmitri is the pure-blood son born to Ilya Rasskazov and Mariya Rasskazov (née Plushenko) in Moscow, the Soviet Union. Ilya was a high-ranking official, and Mariya stayed at home.

Dmitri was their only child, but he was never alone, kept spellbound by the stories his mother told him and the books his father constantly got for him. At the age of 11, he entered the Eastern European School of Magic, and was a hatstall between Boyanova and Nikelkaj, but was eventually picked to be in Boyanova.
He was very ambitious, even for a Boyanova student. He was an excellent student, and formed a group of friends, Vyacheslav Medvedev. He was well-liked by most, but some people had things to say about him, though never to his face.
After he graduated, he came back as a teacher of Transfiguration, and sometimes filled in for Dark Arts. He was feared and admired by many students, and at the age of 28, came to the post of Headmaster, as he was the nephew of the previous headmaster, and the previous headmaster had no other descendants but him.
Rasskazov was popular during the first years of his 'reign', but slowly grew unpopular. More and more rebels began to act up, and Rasskazov started to deal a blow to them. As the rebels began to act up, Brenna Amory decided it was time for the school to have a headmistress. Rasskazov agreed, because she was his bastard daughter, and she would put down the rebels. He is currently on the run, and it is rumoured he is with the Band.
Rasskazov has over 60 children, the oldest is Mykyta Yushchenko, the son of his EESM girlfriend, and his longest partner to date, and the youngest is a daughter, newborn, the daughter of a Canadian witch. He has three trueborn children, Yuri, Mikhail, and Anastasia, with the Russian innkeeper Nina Dashkova. His children have a tendency to incest, and it is rumoured that his own parents were either brother and sister, or double cousins.


He is ambitious, and he cares for the school. He rules similar to a king, some may even call him the Tsar of the school. He does have a heart, and cares for his students very much. He loves luxury, and he aims to make the school full of elegance. He is mysterious, and can be frightening to some. He cares little of what everyone else in other countries think of him, and to some extent, cares only for himself.