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Emelia Ecaterina Dalca is a fifth year Vorobyov at EESM, even though she is young she is not to be underestimated. She prefers a close circle of friends who she knows she can trust although she has recently begun to expand that circle at a dramatic rate.

Her clique — i.e the place where she slots in and fits — was the Aces, a headstrong, dangerous clique of hardcore troublemakers who are known for their dramatic and uncouth actions at EESM, gaining them a bad record with the professors and general hatred by most of the school. Now, she shuns rebellious acts like they're poison.

Most people, when they encounter her, she notes — "They see me walking down the street, and they're like 'Oh my God' and run away." They don't know that this is all because of a traumatic past, only the Professors and Celaena know this.

She's Romanian and is currently in a relationship with fellow Romanian and Ace Cristi Kogălniceanu, who she's loved since second year, though it's been challenged because of certain events.


Emelia is a variant of Amelia.

Ecaterina means innocent.

Dalca means warrior.

Emelia wishes that her name sounded a bit more ominous, she thinks the name Emelia is too fluffy and girlish, and it gives Eca an excuse to use that ridiculous ship name. She's decided she's going to change it when she can, when her parents won't have a say in the matter. In her opinion they shouldn't, they abandoned her for half her life.

She loves Ecaterina, but only for Cristi's sister — innocent is so anti-Emelia it's unbelievable, she feels it needs to be changed to fit her, the name doesn't conform to what she is.

Because she loves Cristi, she's going to change her last name, it's the final thing her and her mother share, but she doesn't really need a connection to her. It has an appropriate meaning and a nice ring to it, but she's not afraid to give it up. She wouldn't for anyone else.


Her birthday is January 3, she loves it being so early in the year and so close to Christmas.

She was born in Bucharest, Romania. Her parents, Maximilian and Narcisa, are pure-blood, making her pure-blood.

She is Romanian, and speaks with a light but noticeable Romanian accent.

She is (obviously) female, your average fifteen year old girl except for the knives and magic.

She inherited her mother's black hair and her father's brown eyes.

She stands at 158cm and weighs 4st 12lb.

She is naturally ambidextrous, which tends to be beneficial for knife throwing.

Her patronus is a lion like her father's.

Her boggart is her own death.

She smells newly forged metal, maple syrup and cherries when around amortentia.



Emelia Dalca was born to Narcisa and Maximilian in Bucharest, Romania, who were too young to care for a young child. This was labelled as a reckless teenage pregnancy.

She was placed on the doorstep of the nearest orphanage — which was many miles away from the city.

It was a horrible experience for her, because of the isolation of all 'inmates' — and after seven years of no human company apart from the occasional visit to deliver dinner, Emelia lost it. She got a knife and aimed it at the door…except it hit the maid that was coming in and it killed her. They never isolated her again.

She can't say she was happy about the indifferent parents returning, but the apartment they lived in was better than the orphanage anyway.

She showed a magical sign when she conjured a flower by complete accident, a rose which she gave to her mother on the upcoming Mother's Day. To her parents, this was nothing unusual, as they assumed that she had picked it from the apartment garden, and was expecting an angry visit from the gardener any day.

It disappeared before her mother's eyes, and her parents were overjoyed with 9 year old Emelia, their troublemaker — until she started throwing knives at her father's dartboards, eventually stealing some kitchen knives and storing them in a safe. She bought many dartboards and a small set of knives for herself — telling the shopkeeper that they were for her parents, and began learning.

She became a pro at the age of 11, not missing the bullseye almost ever. They said she never misses at school. She met fellow first year Ileana Radu and her twin Luca Radu, as well as Cristi Kogălniceanu. Through Cristi she met second year Nayden Genkov. These five newly made friends formed an unbreakable bond, carrying each other through years, until the present — fifth year for Emelia, Ileana, Luca and Cristi, and sixth year for Nayden.

Emelia has recently found out about Feliks Zverev, five year old son of Zinoviy Zverev, Transfiguration Professor, and her mother Narcisa. She isn't sure what to feel, anger at Zinoviy for not telling her, most of which she has vented, or joy.

She's recently began to shun all acts of rebellion, in favour of normality and her very best friend Ileana Radu. She's almost lost her once, and isn't intending on letting it almost happen another time. She's strangely happy and at peace lately. After the maze fire she's kind of halfway back - who wouldn't want to rebel against Brenna Amory?


Emelia, to her friends, can be a joyful, comical and happy person — but only to the Aces, her intimate allies and friends whom she's known since first year. At the twitch of a whisker she can turn deadly, and the majority of her pranks are designed to scare and destroy, which is to the Aces rather fun. She is, according to most people, cold, dark, sadistic and cruel, and not somebody to be messed with. She's a massive rebel and has a tongue as sharp as the knives she throws, especially towards teachers.

This other side of Emelia her friends see, she makes them believe it's an alter ego of hers, but instead they are seeing how she would have turned out had these things not happened in her past.

She is recently going through a time of turmoil about her inner feelings, close to being expelled and accidentally causing the murders of Maryla Dzięcioł and Alassëa Frejasdóttir, as well as the injury of Valeriya Zvereva, Rin Østergaard, Carmencita Dragutinović , Sorin Lupescu and Kateryna Vrubel.

She's scared she'll lose her friends' favour if she tells them the truth about what happened and is steadily going mad.

Emelia has shunned her old self, and is now happier than she has ever been in her life. Letting go her trauma and her hatred, it's fallen away to show how Emelia should have turned out. She isn't rebelling any more, she's trying harder in classes, she's laughing more, smiling more...this normality is amazing to her. She's grateful to Ileana Radu for making her see this beauty.

Nowadays, she will fight if given reason to - and the headmistressship of Brenna is reason enough for her. With the confidence, with Celaena Sardothien present in the castle, that Brenna can't hurt her - if Brenna touches her friends, there'll be hell to pay.

Emelia Knife Gif

Emelia's wand is Blackthorn and Re'em horn, 9.5 inches.

Re'em — Re'em horn. This is an extremely rare beast, resembling a giant oxen with a golden hide. Muggles known to have witnessed a Re'em describe the creature as "a form of unicorn or giant horse". Re'em wands are renowned in the Far East and North America. Re'em blood in known to give immense strength to the drinker for a limited time, it rumored only truly evil wield a Re'em core, despite plenty of Aurors being well known owners of such a core.

Blackthorn, which is a very unusual wand wood, has the reputation of being best suited to a warrior. This does not necessarily mean that its owner practises the Dark Arts (although it is undeniable that those who do so will enjoy the blackthorn wand’s prodigious power). It is a curious feature of the blackthorn bush, which sports wicked thorns, that it produces its sweetest berries after the hardest frosts, and the wands made from this wood appear to need to pass through danger or hardship with their owners to become truly bonded. Given this condition, the blackthorn wand will become as loyal and faithful a servant as one could wish.

Emelia's shortness could merit a longer wand.

  • Plenty of assorted knives
  • Assorted school books
  • Her wand
  • A jacket, with plenty of holders for knives
  • Other clothes
  • Her owl, Luna
  • Her puppy, Lily
  • Other school equipment
  • Various pranking items
  • Matches
  • A deck of cards
  • A safe to keep her knives in
  • A camera
  • Her Nokia Lumia
  • A picture of Cristi
  • Other school necessities
  • A supply of butterbeer


Ileana Radu

Ileana is probably Emelia's best friend. They understand each other and were the first of the Aces to meet. Emelia feels she can confide in Ileana and knows she's always open for a good prank. They met during the train ride, and bonded due to similarity of upbringing and pure liking of each other. Sometimes Ileana does things that Emelia doesn't like (like making her wear a leotard because of Truth or Dare) but that's part of the alchemy of friendship.

Luca Radu

Luca is Ileana's very excitable twin brother. Emelia thinks that Luca is the funniest guy you could ever meet, he can make a joke out of anything. He pickpockets, supplying the Aces themselves with supplies and niceties. Emelia admires his sheer stealth, something she majorly lacks.

Nayden Genkov

Nayden is the big brother Emelia never had. The age gap isn't insurmountable but he does appear to be more responsible. Emelia finds him easy to talk to and often goes to him when she needs advice or support. They always joked, "If we were in a movie, I'd kill you." Emelia thinks he would but she'd never admit it.

Cristi Kogălniceanu

Emelia is Cristi's girlfriend <3 — they've shared affections for a while now but we're both kind of unobservant. Emelia is glad she could pent up the courage to admit her love, however scared of rejection she may have been. Emelia is terrified of losing his favour, or finding out that all of this was only a dream.

"Ha. Ha. So funny. Wouldn't be laughing if that was knife wounds over your face instead of cake, would you?"

"Are you sure you want to do that? You might know martial arts but I know over 500 ways to kill you with this knife and my bare hands."

"I'm going, that's what. Very far away, as far from human civilization as I can get."

"Unless I am a hallucination I think I'm here. Come in."

"If opportunity doesn't knock, don't build a door. Blow it down and catch it standing there."

"Complications. Almost put a knife through somebody's easophagus, forcing myself to ally with a person I've decided I, I'm not okay. That's why I didn't come back."

  • Her model is Isabelle Fuhrman.
  • She is straight.
  • She is slightly more dexterous with her left hand although it isn't noticeable.
  • Her moral compass is Chaotic Evil.
  • Her user godparent is Rabbit.