Ev Skykora3
Evžen Sykora
Full Name Evžen Mozes Sykora
Pronunciation EHV ZAHN (Czech form of Eugene)
Meaning "well born"
Birthday September 30th
Status Half-Blood
Wand Holly, Ramora scales
Wand arm Right
Patronus Eel moccasin


In the beginning...
Evžen M. Sykora is the son of Evgeni Tesarik and Angel Sykora, he is a American born Slovakian/Czech wizard from Louisiana. He was raised by his mother and father very happily until their quiet and unexpected deaths before his 11th birthday. Evžen grew very cold after losing his parents, he had no other family that he knew of dead or alive and so he was sent to an orphanage. Evžen is a magical child, he is a Half-Blood wizard and being such was sent to a wizarding school to be educated.

Approximately three times, Evžen was fostered by a nice family, they each kept him for a while even discussing adoption until each situation went awry one way or another and Evžen returned to the orphanage. For a time each family, the Half-blood Yedlička family who threw him out because their daughter disliked having a brother, the Pure-Blood Ctvrtnik family who also sent him back because he had not lived up to their expectations. Each talked of adopting the boy permanently making him a member of their families.

He was finally fostered by one more family, the Muggle-born Starosta family took him and kept him. The Starosta family - Giedrė and Karel - promised that if he wanted to be adopted they would adopt him, even if he didn't they would always have a place for him in their home, and in their hearts for as long as he wanted it. He is still a rather dark individual, he appreciates and respects what his parents Karel and Giedrė, and their daughter Iskra have done and are willing to do for him. He does not want to be too close to them because of how well he knows that good things can go bad.


Birthplace Taft, Louisiana
Type of Childhood Definitive
Earliest Memory His parents death
Pets Angel ; Rock Dove
Bernard ; Shetland Sheepdog
Likes Dark Magic
Dislikes History
Fears/Phobias Losing more loved ones
Hobbies Hexes and curses
Comfort Food(s) Shrimp Creole, Burbon chicken, Beignet
Person Secretly Admired -
Most Influenced By Starosta family
Immediate Goals
Long Term Goals
Greatest Fear Dieing alone
Most at Ease When? Surrounded
Past Failures Being loved
Character Flaw Jealous


Obviously these three things at first sight; sophisticated, organized, and his pride among them adaptable. He has a constant thirst for information that is new to him, and he is mind mindbogglingly self-motivated. He can be kind, and considerate in the right light, which is not often witnessed. He is, under his over confident demeanor, very sensitive but manages stay very cool, and calm in every public setting. He absolutely loves to criticize people, and point out errors in the most passive aggressive ways. Despite his sometimes brash, cocky outer shell, he is very dependable, and can able to display cautiousness.

Personality TraitsEdit


Evžen is very superficial, he has only once experience unfathomable love, up and until the point his mother and father died. He is cynical, and gets jealous very easily. He can be very contemptuous, and scornful.


Evžen is very hardworking, he has an amazing level of determination despite a sense of unprecedented entitlement. He is infuriatingly trustworthy for the level of ego he tosses about. Thoughtful, adaptable Evžen is indefatigable.


Evžen is a tall, with dark hair, and brown eyes. He has fair skin and dresses in casual, comfortable muggle fashion. Evžen used to have very, very short, closely shaved hair. He use to do this himself, magically, and had done so for much of his life. For him it was cathartic, and very nearly a ritual. Evžen doesn't like wizard robes very much, they feel to much like he is wearing a dress. He almost never wears them unless it is required, and he still wears muggle clothes underneath.

His model is Ezra Miller

Eye Colour   Brown
Hair Colour   Black
Height   6'2
Native Language   Czech
Ethnicity   Slovakian/Czech
Languages Spoken   Czech, Slovakian, English,
French (Louisiana Regional French), Russian
Clothing Style   Muggle clothes


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