Jože Korošec belongs to Zajec

Jože Črt Korošec is a second year [house] student at at the Eastern European School of Magic.


"The future doesn't give me spoilers, it gives me just enough little hints that I know nothing but am driven crazy."
General Information
Birth Date December 20
Birth Place Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ethnicity Slovene
Accent Slovene
Blood Status Half-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 150 centimetres
Weight 42 kilograms
Magical Characteristics
Wand -
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Parrot
Boggart -
Amortentia Idrijski žlikrofi, olive oil, ink
Loyalty His family, EESM
School Eastern European School of Magic
House -
Occupation Student


When Brigita and Daniela were talking about doing IVF, Brigita got in into her head that having a metamorphmagus kid would be awesome. She herself was a muggle-born and she'd never really gotten over the excitement of finding out she was magic, and Brigita thought that if she was going to be a good mother, the first thing to do would be to make sure her kid had magical powers, the more the better. However they couldn't find any metamorphmagus sperm donors. There was a seer, however, and since the idea was to maximize magical powers, that would work too.

Brigita wanted to send Jože to muggle school when he was 6, but Daniela (who'd been raised by her witch mother) was horrified. Send their son, who was still so young, to spend so much of the day somewhere else, learning for some stranger? Absolutely not! Daniela ended up working part-time so that she could teach Jože herself.

When Jože was little, his mothers always told him he was a seer, but since neither of them were seers themselves or knew any seers, they had no experience and didn't know what to expect. With nothing to base it on, Jože took every feeling of premonition to be a vision. Sometimes he was right, sometimes he was wrong. When he got it wrong, his moms would tell him not to worry, he was young, still learning and still growing into him powers.


Jože has good self-esteem to put it nicely, and in overconfident to be more honest. Growing up, he always felt like he was standing on his own little platform that was a little bit taller than everyone's else's. A platform just tall enough that he could see a little bit over the edge of the present into the future. But Jože is immature, and naïve. He takes things at face value, and although he does think things out, but he often doesn't think them through enough.


Jože has brown hair, brown eyes, and a goofy smile on his face — not always, but quite often. Jože's nearsighted, or shortsighted. He can see things that are close up perfectly, but far away things less well. He has glasses that he wears most of the time.



Mother Brigita Klemenčič Mother Daniela Korošec

Jože and his parents are very close. But while he doesn't have a favourite parent and loves them the same, he prefers spending time with Brigita. She's is more light-hearted and fun then Daniela, and sometimes she lets him get away with more (although when she's angry she's extreme).

Daniela is calmer, and quite dignified. Because she's the one who stayed home more when he was little, they're quite close. She's easy for Jože to talk too, and she always has something clever to say — she taught him most of what he knows.


Brigita has siblings, but Daniela is an only child. Brigita's siblings have kids who have the surname Klemenčič, but there's no one else on Daniela's side of the family to carry on the name Korošec, hence Jože having that name.

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