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"It's so unfair that we're in different years! We're twins!"
"Johanna, we're nine months apart."
"Same thing!"

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The Kassenburg Siblings are RPed by Red.

Joakim and Johanna Kassenburg are siblings attending the Eastern European School of Magic. Both are of Swedish descent. Joakim is in Kask while Johanna is in the house of Nikelkaj.

Joakim 9Johanna 9

Joakim Karl
Johanna Karina
Kask, 7th Year
Nikelkaj, 6th Year
Vital Statistics
January 1st
September 2nd


Enok (far)
Eir (mor)

Name Pronunciation

1/16 Veela

Eye Color
Hair Color
Blonde dyed brown

Magical Characteristics

Blood Status

Joakim, hurt



Joakim is good looking and he knows it, and likes using his looks to his advantage. He's tall, has adorable brown hair, and dashing blue eyes. Johanna is shorter than Joakim but taller than a lot of other girls in her year. She was born with blonde hair and blue eyes (most probably a result of her veela blood, though she doesn't know this) and in fourth year she dyed it brown to look more like her brother. She is fond of wearing strange and silly outfits. Joakim likes to keep his clothes simple, when he is not in uniform a plain shirt and jeans will do.


Enok and Eir Kassenburg were very much in love. Anybody in their presence would never be in doubt about it. They got married right after they graduated from the Slavic School of Magic and had little Joakim on the first of January, a gift for the new year. They knew that he was truly a special, wonderful child, he would be magical just like the two of them.

In March, Eir announced she was pregnant once more. This time, with a girl. Johanna Kassenburg was born on the last day of August, much to Enok's anxiety. If Eir had gotten pregnant in March, wouldn't that make Johanna three months premature? The doctors reassured him that if anything, Johanna was three weeks premature and it was nothing to worry about. Enok trusted them and treasured his daughter even more than he did his son, because she was absolutely beautiful.

The two siblings grew up very close. Johanna idolized her older brother and Joakim was an arrogant child and loved the attention and praise his sister was giving him. They shared a room growing up and learned to find common interests between the two of them. When they were six, Joakim and Johanna were in a car accident with their mother, Johanna being the most affected. She would live, the doctors had said, but someone would need to donate blood. Enok immediately volunteered, wanting it to come from a member of the family, but it didn't match. Enok was not Johanna's biological father, and suddenly it all clicked. Eir donated blood in his place and the two had a row afterwards, leaving Joakim alone in the house while the two fought and Johanna was in the hospital. On top of it all, it was raining, and little Joakim was terrified of thunder and lightning, and he was able to make the weather change, make it more calm. This was his first sign of magic and nobody knew, and the same happened with Johanna, as she made a very fast recovery, that the doctors even called it inhuman, with barely no visibly scars to serve as proof that the accident even happened at all.

Enok and Eir refused to get a divorce. Enok was still Johanna's father, biological or not, and Eir continued to be his wife only in name. Neither Johanna nor Joakim know of Johanna's true parentage, and their parents have agreed to keep it a secret from them up until they are old enough. The two were accepted to the Eastern European School of Magic much like their parents were, and although they were born in the same year, Johanna was born after the cut off date. Because of this, Joakim is one year above Johanna. Joakim was sorted into Kask and it was not a surprise to anyone, he is very much self-centered and Johanna was sorted into Nikelkaj because no matter how strange she is, she has always been the charming one of the two.

Personality and Traits

"> <div style="My sister, to sum it all up in one word, is weird. She's strange and always talks in this weird, dreamy voice. She wears weird clothes, she says weird things, she makes up definitions for words that already exist, and sometimes, she just makes up her own words! She's always smiling, y'know? Everyone finds her very charming though, and even I have to admit that, she's too nice for her own good though, she always goes out of her way to help people, and that's kind of annoying sometimes. She can surprise you though, you can count on that, very dramatic. She painted a star on her face once, y'know?"

Talk Bubbles

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Joakim Kassenburg Missing
-"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." ~G. B. Shaw

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"'Ello, sweetheart."
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Johanna Kassenburg Nikelkaj, 7th Year • Sweden
-"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." ~Wilde

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Talk Bubbles

"I piss her off a lot, I know that. It's just so easy to make fun of her, y'know? Our friendship is always restored with the short process of me bringing her peppermint anything. I set aside all the peppermint flavored candy that I have for her and she better be grateful for it."
"Jennie made our coins! Isn't that the most amazestastic thing in the entire world? She's super smartelligent. (I wish I could be as smart as her.) She's tiny, but it's just like having a little sister."

"Jes is quiet, well, at least compared to the rest of us, but he really is the dad of the group even though he's kind of like a brother too. Point is, we're really close."
"That boy is the most huggable person in the entire world."

"Adela introduced me to Doctor Who and translated it for me when I didn't understand! Eep! (Donna's my favorite companion.)"

"At first, she was just an annoying girl two years below me, y'know? She's proven herself, though. She's awesome."
"She followed JennJenn into our classroom when we were in second year, even though she was a little firstie. She came up with the name the Krazy Kutės! When she was eleven! Very cleverish. She can change her appearance! Do you know how fantasmagicalendous that is?! She's really nice to me, nicest one to me in the entire group (not that Jes isn't, he's as sweet as... something really sweet!). I think it's because she gets me the most. She's very funderstanding, but flirts with people even more than my brother does, and that's saying something."

"Alfred is one of my best friends. No question."
"He's my brother's boyfriend; practically my brother-in-law. Of course I know him."

"He is very trusting for a Vorobyov but aside from that he's just the guy who sits next to me in History of EESM."
"His curly hair is very nice. Best hair in the entire school. He's quiet, but I think he's great."

"Linde Losnedahl passed notes with me in the library that one time, and I think she's gorgeous."

"Whenever Aaron and I are together, I see fireworks," she winks, before giggling. "It's all very funderful, and I think his tattoos are coolsome."

Skills and Magical Abilities

Joakim's very skilled in languages like History and Languages, picking up these things quickly with no hassle whatsoever. Johanna on the other hand is skilled with the Dark Arts, something Joakim finds strangely unnerving considering how much she enjoys the subject and how it clashes with her happy personality.



*Johanna's a big fan of listening to Disney songs in Scandinavian languages.
*Joakim is protective of his sister, but doesn't show it often.
*Their shared favorite color is teal.
*Joakim has a sweet tooth, and Johanna gifted him with a very huge stash of candy for Christmas. It hasn't run out yet.
*They've tried telepathy and failed. Probably only works with actual twins.
*Joakim has nicknamed Johanna's dictionary of made-up words Johannish.
*Johanna loves animals, Joakim, not so much.
*Johanna is 1/16th veela on her biological father's side.

About that name; it's supposed to be a pun on Mielkutė. Then again, we have more members that have names that start with the letter 'J' than members in Mielkutė but someone thought it would be 'cute' during our third year. The name stuck, but then again, the dorkier the name, the bigger likelihood of staying friends forever.
We started being friends around second year, I think, but we only gained all six of us during fifth, forming our own little group among all the others in the school, the one that nobody's ever heard of. The one group who has their own handshake, tokens and corny inside jokes all while talking about random shit all the time. If you think that's lame, well, you don't know what friendship is.
The Aces cause trouble. The Millionaires throw parties. We are the Krazy Kutės. We have fun by doing nothing of the sort. Our bond is so fantastic, we owe it to the universe to be friends.
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This character is a Krazy Kutė.
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"Stop being so dramatic."
"I thought you supported me and my dreams, Joakim!"
"...I still do."
"Well it doesn't look like it! It's almost as if you're clipping my wings and preventing me from flying!"
"'Anna, you're a wonderful sister. But please, shut up."

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