Катерина Черемисинова

Katerina Natalya Cheremisinova

The Spontaneous Boyanova

Vital Statistics
Age 16
Date of Birth August 14th
Birth Place Moscow, Russia
Ethnicity Russian
Accent Light Russian
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-Blood
Home Moscow

Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5
Weight N/A
Magical Characteristics
Wand Wood Apple
Wand Core Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length 15 inches
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Panther
Boggart Tight Spaces
Amortentia The smell of roses, smell of sweets
Mirror of Erised Her being the most intelligent witch in the universe.
Affiliation & Relationships
Father Slava Cheremisinova
Mother Marina Cheremisinova
Siblings (If anyone wants to make her a brother or sister owl me!)
Other Important Figures None
Relationship Status Single
Sexual Orientation Straight
School EESM
House Boyanova


Katerina is outgoing, friendly, and smart. She is good at making friends and its really hard not to like her. She is bubbly and bright. She is always cheering people on no matter what. She is hard to anger or upset because she is pretty calm as well. She is hardly shy and can get along with almost everyone she comes in contact with.


Kat has dark brown hair (and sometimes blonde) with bangs which is normally wavy and curly if she doesn't take the time to straighten it. She has pale skin and bright green eyes and has long eye lashes.


Kat grew up in Moscow, Russia with her parents. She was hardly ever indoors since she didn't care for confined spaces and was always hanging out with her friends or studying under a tree. She got a letter from EESM and was invited to join which she accpeted. She was sorted into Boyanova much to her delight and easily made friends with people from her house and beyond it. It was really hard for people to hate Katty because she was just so kind to everyone.


  • Her model is Emma Stone
  • She speaks fluent Russian

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