Larisa Iryna Vrubel
The Dark Witch of Ukraine

Full Name
Larisa Iryna Vrubel

LA-Ris-uh EE-VAH-nuh VROO-bl

"protection", "Peace"

Larisa Vrubel

"Sparrow Of Peace and Protection"


About Larisa...Edit

Larisa Diana Vrubel was born to two very pure-blood, very Supremacist people, who raised their only child to be exactly like them. She was raised in a regal way. She was taught manners, from sit up at the dinner table to please and thank you- and that stuck with her. So did all the dark magic training and the rude way they would speak to others. She learned from watching, and she grew up to be very mean to others. But, in fact, throughout her first three years in Durmstrang, she wasn't seen as a bully. She was seen as the most popular girl on campus- then she got expelled for killing animals on campus.

Nobody would accept the sadistic young child- except EESM. Turns out EESM was even better a fit for Larisa. It was where she was the Queen Bee. She had quickly become the beautiful bully of the school. She was sorted into Nikelaj, and was a proud pure-blood. She constantly picked on muggle-borns and half-breeds- and there seemed to be quite a lot of half-breeds there.

While that was her school years, after her school years got a little worse. She was forced to marry Alexei Vrubel. She knew his family well, and like wise on her family. So the two were friends, but they definitely didn't like each other in that way. No matter, Larisa did her duty and married the fool. They had two children, Mikhail and Kateryna, Mikhail older than Kat by ten months. While Larisa loved them dearly she had business to do. So she hired a nanny for the children.

They were raised away from their mother, and for that, they always had a very distant relationship. She loved her kids, still, even after they turned out to not be like her or their dad- who had actually died when the two were younger. Larisa was angry and a bit sad, too. She had to take over the family business, though, it being silently taking over the Ukrainian Ministry.

Now she's the most wanted Dark Witch in Ukraine, and she's close friends with Brenna, the most wanted Dark Witch in Russia and Austria.

Larisa is very determined. She's smart, driven, and sassy, but can be very, very sweet to those close to her. On the surface, she's mean rude, and would stab you without a second thought if you get on her case. She can out-bitch a bitch quicker than she can bite somebody's head off. She's a leader, and she hates following orders given to her by anyone other than herself.



Model: Courteney Cox

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