Lavinia Zandria Cojocaru

"There is nothing that you can do to me that my own craziness doesn't do to me smarter and faster and better." - Joanne Greenberg
General Information
Birth date June 30
Birth place Craiova, Romania
Ethnicity Romanian
Accent Romanian
Blood status Half-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height -
Weight -
Magical Characteristics
Wand {{{wand}}}
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Fwooper
Boggart Death
Amortentia Metal
Loyalty Kutes,EESM
School EESM
House Mielkute
Occupation Student

Quick InfoEdit



Lavinia - Mielkutė • Prefect
-"I'll run away with your footsteps, I'll build a city that dreams for two."

Lavinia smiles brightly. "Hi there, you visited my page! Thank you! Before you go, some advice from me - always be yourself, unless you can be a tomato. Then always be a tomato."

Lavinia is a fifth year Mielkutė prefect at EESM. She could be regarded as crazy although some think this is because she spends a lot of time around Astrauckas, her favourite professor. She doesn't even care about being labeled as crazy by her classmates, because she doesn't really care about reality, preferring to open the doors closed by reality, entering her own little world where she focuses less on what is and more on what could be. People wonder why a girl who habitually daydreams, thinks about impossibilities and talks so casually about outrageously garish and non existent things could ever have been selected as prefect. It might be because it's Astrauckas we're talking about, and students like Lavinia are often among the ones he favours.

Lavinia is a feminine name derived from the city of Lavinium - one more ancient than Rome.

Cojocaru means winter coat.



Lavinia's parents were betrothed - this meant in their case that they didn't have the strong bond of a voluntary marriage. But nevertheless, they played the act well enough for their families,concealing the endless rows that occurred at home. Lavinia was the reluctant product of an uneasy marriage, just because both people had always wanted a child, not to sate their parents' want for grandchildren.

Lavinia was a humorous child, it had to be said,with that baby smile, and that cutesy little laugh babies are famed for, spitting out the food, throwing her cutlery and overall being very funny. The neighbours loved her, but as she grew she became more and more...crazy.

When she was still young her belief in demigods, and other fictional characters was left - but as she grew older she began believing in flying mint bunnies, her mantra was about tomatoes and it happened to concern many.

To get the  'loopy girl' gone was a relief to many when her letter arrived for EESM.


Lavinia is krazy, with a k. She prefers to be around the fangirls, the 'weird' people, the people most likely to make her laugh. The ones who are dismissed by others and love to believe in radical ideas. She's easy to be persuaded if there's a promise of brightly coloured candy or fluffy kittens, but is awarded off by any peanut. She has a weird aversion to peanuts. She's a big fan of games like paintball. She's a moody, depressed drunk, the polar opposite of her usual self.


Francis CojocaruEdit

Lavinia has never been close to either parent.

Lillian CojocaruEdit

Lavinia has never been close to either parent.

Anele AstrauckaiteEdit

Anele is Lavinia's best friend, the only person she believes other than her truly needs the title of 'krazy.'


* Her user godparent is Kira.

* She's allergic to peanuts.


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