Liliya Chervenkova-Rasskazova belongs to Kibeth

Лилия Вячеславовна Червенкова-Расскавова

General Information
Birth date 1st October
Birth place Lysva, Perm Krai, Russia
Ethnicity Russian
Accent Russian
Blood status Pure-Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue
Height 5'4"
Weight -
Magical Characteristics
Wand WIP
Wand Arm Right
Patronus WIP
Boggart WIP
Amortentia WIP
Loyalty Russia, Eastern European School of Magic, Vorobyov, Zverev Family
School Eastern European School of Magic
House Boyanova
Occupation Alumna
Name Etymology

Liliya: Lily

Vyacheslavovna: is a Russian Patronymic name meaning Daughter of Vyacheslav

Chervenkova-Rasskazova: feminine version of the double-barrelled surname Chervenkov-Rasskazov


  • Lilya, Lilyusha, Lilyushen'ka
Quick Info

Liliya Vyacheslavovna Chervenkova-Rasskazova née Zvereva is a middle child and eldest daughter of Vyacheslav Zverev and his late wife Apollinariya Zvereva née Kozlovskaya, born and raised in Lysva, in the Perm Krai region of Russia. Her twin, Afanasy Zverev, is ten minutes older than her, but she doesn't really care. They have an older brother - Professor Zinoviy Zverev - and a younger sister - Valeriya Zvereva. When they were six, their mother died while giving birth to their younger sister Cyzarine, who subsequently died within a few days because she was extremely premature.

Upon arriving at school, Liliya was sorted into Boyanova, which she thinks suits her perfectly, even though she knows that Afanasy thinks he should be in Voyanova and she in Vorobyov. During the course of her school years, she fell in love with her brother, Afanasy, and was therefore married off to another practitioner of incest when she graduated school, Miroslav Chervenkov-Rasskazov. She now regards him as one of her best friends.


Liliya has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her model is Elena Ilinykh.




Liliya and Afanasy have always been very, very close. When they were little and their mother got them to skate like Zinoviy, they would always be a pair - if you got one of them, you got the other. It's something more than sibling love now, but they're not going to tell anyone that, in case their family is angry.




  • Liliya's face claim is Elena Ilinykh

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