Lucia D'Ambrosio
Character roleplayed by Belle

You know we’re superstars, we are who we are!
Born April 29th
Blood Status Muggle-born
Gender Female
Height 167 cm
Wand Maple, Augurey tail feathers
Wand Arm Right (formerly Ambidextrous)
Patronus Rainbow Lorikeet
Boggart Being unable to morph
Lucia D'Ambrosio was born at 3:00am on April the 29th in Molise southern Italy. She is a Metamorphmagus Witch raised by Italian Muggles. She is Half-Blood, Half-Greek on her Muggle mother's side, Half-Italian on her Pure-Blood father's side.


Lucia's birth mother, a Greek muggle woman by the name of Giuliana Kokinos was on the run at the time of Lucia's birth. She was running from no one other than Lucia's birth father, an Italian-born Pure-Blood Dark wizard known as "Fredo Acciaioli". What needs to be understood is that Acciaioli is an Italian name derived from the word axe, and the man who bears that name, Fredo, was a head hunter. He did not want Guiliana, or any woman for that matter to ever carry his child. Let alone give birth to it. Guiliana did not want to give up her baby, she was not going to abort her unborn child. The bigger problem she faced was that Fredo did not feel the same. He did not want this child to see the light of day, and he was not going to let Guiliana live to see that happen. These wants did not end well for either Guiliana or Fredo. Lucia survived the very complicated, and mysterious circumstances of her birth, ending in the tragic death of her mother. She was "taken" from Guiliana, by force. Her father intended to kill the newborn, he could not seeing that the babt girl was like him. A Metamorphmagus. He spared his daughter's life, he gave her away leaving her to be raised by strangers. The Muggle daughter of Squibs. Elmo and Oria D'Ambrosio.

Lucia had a very difficult childhood, which has lead to a fairly difficult life. She spent the first ten years of her youth magic-less. Strange things always, always happened around her from as far back as she can remember. When she was very young, and still deathly afraid of the dark she remembers little lights, fireflies, appearing in her room at night when she was too terrified to fall asleep. They kept the shadows in the darkness away from her until the sun light came back by morning. Lucia never told Oria or Elmo anything about the fireflies. They did not scare her as much as her fear of the dark, and they made her happy. They did not need to know. Before Lucia was sent off to muggle school for the very first time, Lucia told Elmo and Oria that she was scared, and she didn't want to go. Elmo and Oria assured her that all the other kids were as scared as she was, she had nothing to worry about. Of course, as they always, Elmo and Oria were wrong about everything Lucia experiences.

As a Metamorphamagus and a Witch, she has magic powers. The first time Lucia purposely used her magic she was six years old. When the other children started to make too much of a commotion in her classroom Lucia extended one of her hands out in front of her, as if physically pushing all of the noise back. She did something big that day, she silenced the entire class. No one was able to make a sound that she could hear until they stepped out of the classroom. It wasn't something anyone else except Lucia, and one of her classmates noticed. Mouths were moving, and all of the other children seemed to still be enjoying themselves in the same way. Lucia caught the eye of the only person to witness her magical act. Lucia ignored the girl and pretended to join in one of the silent conversations happening around her.

She caused a lot of trouble after learning what she could do, and was kicked out of her muggle school. After her first day silencing the bus, Lucia started to notice that should could do more than that. She learned about her Metamorphmagus ability, and started to impersonate, well ... everyone. Not only the students, the teachers as well. She started fights, as everyone but herself. She dolled out punishments, and detentions as the teachers she hated the most. She even impersonated the principal, and got caught doing it, which is how she got expelled. When the magical schools heard about the trouble she was causing they looked at it from a different perspective. What Lucia was doing in her muggle school was a cry for help. And EESM answered.

Loony Lucia coined a term in her first year based on nothing other than lunacy. So beloved by a little group among all the others in the school, the one that nobody's ever heard of. They all adopt the name, and identify as "the Krazy Kutės", their own little family. It truly is axiomatic. Loosh, and her BFFF KaSh use and abuse the school's newspaper. Despite this fact, she still loves it, as they all do. It has allowed her to express her creative side. Lucia is an artist at heart, while being named Editor in Chief she is also the lead cartoonist. She is probably not anywhere near as productive or clever a member as either Kat or Shan is, but she does pitch in and get the job done when there is a deadline looming.
Lucia thinks that she is the smartest of the three, when in reality she more of smart-ass.

A baby girl born with no name, her "adoptive" parents Elmo and Oria named their daughter after royalty. She shares her given, middle and first middle name with Princess Lucia of Burbon-Two Sicilies. Her full name is Lucia Maria Raniera D'Ambrosio
Name Lucia D'Ambrosio
Pronunciation loo-chee-ah
Nickname Loosh, Lori
Also known as / Alias Petra Boyadjiya or Petar Boyadjiev
Lucia D'Ambrosio

Lucia is the feminine form of Lucius the Roman praenomen, or given name, which was derived from Latin lux "light".

Maria is the Latin form of Greek Μαρια, "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child".

Raniera is the feminine form of Raniero, Italian form of Rayner. From the Germanic name Raganhar, composed of the elements ragin "advice" and hari "army".

D'Ambrosio is derived from the given name Ambrogio the Italian form of Ambrosius from the Late Latin name Ambrosius, which was derived from the Greek name Αμβροσιος (Ambrosios) meaning "immortal".

Ethnicity Italian (maternal Greek ancestry)
Native Language Italian
Languages Spoken Italian, English, Russian, Greek
Accent Italian
Hometown Molise, Italy
Type of Childhood Irritating
Earliest Memory Fireflies
Childhood fear Omphalophobia

Likes: Being other people, Sculpting, Musical Theater
Dislikes: Getting caught being other people, Pencils, the thought of losing one of her senses
Handedness: Right (formerly Ambidextrous)
Clothing Style Varied
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthstone: White Sapphire
Birth flower: Daisy
Pet: Neapolitan Mastiff; Whiskey (Wees-kee)
Glass Snake; Scilla (Shill-ah)

Favorite Drink Hibiscus Tea
Favorite Sweet Bruttiboni
Favorite Scent Pine - Rosemary - Juniper
Favorite Song We R Who We R by Ke$ha
Phobia Amnesiphobia
Hobbies Singing, Dancing, Sculpting, Hardstone carving, Wizard Art
Comfort Food(s) Pasta fagioli - Tiella - Carciofi alla romana
Vices Boastfulness

She is afraid she has a limited amount of morphs left

She loses track of every summer, and always winds up with a "gift"

Person She Secretly Admires Loosh <3's Er'ryone
Her friends brothers
Most Influenced By
About that name; it's supposed to be a pun on Mielkutė. Then again, we have more members that have names that start with the letter 'J' than members in Mielkutė but someone thought it would be 'cute' during our third year. The name stuck, but then again, the dorkier the name, the bigger likelihood of staying friends forever.
We started being friends around second year, I think, but we only gained all six of us during fifth, forming our own little group among all the others in the school, the one that nobody's ever heard of. The one group who has their own handshake, tokens and corny inside jokes all while talking about random shit all the time. If you think that's lame, well, you don't know what friendship is.
The Aces cause trouble. The Millionaires throw parties. We are the Krazy Kutės. We have fun by doing nothing of the sort. Our bond is so fantastic, we owe it to the universe to be friends.
Jes Coin Lucia Coin Joakim Coin Jennie Coin Alfred Coin Johanna Coin
This character is a Krazy Kutė.

Immediate Goals Impersonate everyone at least once
Long Term Goals Become an animagus (Levant Sparrowhawk)
Be the Krazy-iest of the Kutės

Physical appearanceEdit

Lucia has dull, flat, chestnut colored hair, she morphs it into a very deep red, because she thinks it looks like blood. On occasion her hair can become insanely black often a reflection of her mood at the time. Lucia has bright blue eyes, that do appear somewhere between a cloudy grey, and a moldy green. She has fair skin that ranges in color from pale in the winter, to tan in the summer.

Lucia is a Metamorphmagus, she can alter her appearance at will. The most morphing she does that people notice is her hair and eye color. She has been caught impersonating people by originals in her muggle school when she was younger.
Lucia has made attempts to keep a low profile these days, and has even come up with an alias or two. Petra Boyadjiya or Petar Boyadjiev (Stone Painter).


It’s about damn time to live it up
I’m so sick of being so serious
It’s making my brain delirious!

Lucia can be thought of as generous. Her sophistication is a bit of a façade, and who she truly is. She is friendly, and helpful at heart. She is very, very brave. Lucia is sassy, flirty, and adventurous. She is always in a manic sort of hyperactive state, and she can usually be unnecessarily hasty when making decisions in the presences of her peers.

Her favorite past time is impersonating people. Literally becoming someone else. It doesn't matter if they are emotional or stone cold. She will be them, and usually pull it off until she comes face to face with an original. She doesn't love to seek attention by doing this, she doesn't even want the recognition. Really. If you think about it, she isn't calling for anyone to notice "Lucia". She is sharing the wealth, and spreading it out among the rest of the world.

Dressin’ it down, hittin’ on dudes (HARD!)


Lucia is adopted, something she learned late in her life. When she found out she started adopting her friends as surrogate family members. El (Elmo) and O (Oria) are not her parents, she has no mother and she has no father. These surrogates have been excellent to her. Being raised as their daughter has made her the cleverish la luce immortale she has grown to be.

Father Elmo D'Ambrosio Mother Oria D'Ambrosio (née Bastianich)
Sisters Ohana, JennJenn Brothers Jes, Joaki and Alfe
The friends that mean the most and stick closest to her are her family. Her sisters and her brothers. "Sisters from other Misters" and "Brothers from other Mothers".

KaSh- BFFF Kat and Shan are her soul buddies. She can't say mates because Kat will probably marry Sorin and Shan will probably marry Simon.

The Krazy Kutes <3

Ohanna - family, Johanna is called Ohanna aka family because Lucia feels the most like she is her family. Lucia has no real sister's Johanna was the first one she ever had.

Jenn - JennJenn is another of Lucia's 'Sister's from other Misters' like family. JennJenn is the big sister Lucia was never going to get from El and O.

Del - Del is another sister, one of the older Kutes that will leave her behind. Del is a nerd like just Lucia, they can share in nerdy muggle-y things. When she isn't with KaSh this is the only person she can be a dork with.

Joaki - Joaki aka Keemy is Ohanna's brother, that makes him Lucia's brother. She has a thing for her friends brothers, but she thinks that Keemy and JennJenn are "KutestKouple", but she won't tell them that.

Alfe - Alfe is by far Lucia's favorite Kute, next to family. She "follows" him around the most. When Lucia is with him, when he knows that she is there or not, his Italianity makes her feel like she is back at home

Jes - Jes is a papabear, if she isn't calling him Jelly doughnut, or the name of some sort of candy with a filling, she calls him PapaKute. Jes is the only Kute Lucia has not had a crush on.

Mik - Mik is Kat's brother, Lucia thinks of him as very much like her, but different enough to keep her from getting bored with him. Which was rare for a non-Kutės.

Rik - Rik is one of Mik's best friends (one of the better ones). The problem with Rik is that he isn't anyone's brother. That makes Lucia feel like she shouldn't enjoys his words and brightly colored hair.


Turtle Coin

Enchanted Bag

Hand Painted Stones

Lucky Lira (Kutės Coin)

Brewing Equipment

Quills and Parchment

Greek Mythology Books

Dove c'è una bacchetta c'è un modo