Meghan is the triplet sister of Adela Young.


Meg Krol Vorobyov 5th year
-"Be smart, or don't talk at all."

"Who are you?" she asked, rather cunning-like.


Meg is sweet, and cordial but she is cold and unfriendly towards her enemies. She is unlike her immature 'sister' whom she has no idea of her. She is very mature and a bit of a trouble-maker.

She does HUGELY dangerous pranks, if she does them at all. Meg is wise although, she knows when to stop. She is often misunderstood as her sister, as she looks exactly like her. While Meghan is a troublemaker, she does follow most laws. She is a different kind of dangerous, she can speak to people and get them to go along with her plan as she does them.

Meg is far, far different then Adela in so many different ways it's not even funny. She is also plays the violin, and she's been playing sense she was a mere 5 year old. But, she doesn't tend to want to play for people, due to her not wanting to think of her as a Miekute.


Adela, Meghan and Alwen are the daughters of the rich business man Johnathon and a British Princess Kimberly, although they don't associate themselves with the royal side.

At birth, Del was kidnapped and wasn't even looked for. Del was the eldest triplet, while Meghan was the last-born. Alwen was the middle-child of the bunch. But their mother, was mortally saddened by Del's kidnapping but she didn't care for Adela anyways, she had two daughters anyways.

Meghan's parent's loved the two girl's they got, they spoiled them absolutely rotten. They lived in a huge mansion with a pool, that was there Childhood house. Even still, they live in those houses. The golden child in that house was Meghan, as she was such a goodie-two shoes.

Then Meg and Alwen did accidental magic, at the same time. They then got there letters, to come here and here they are.

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