Mikhail Dominik Vrubel
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Mikhail Dominik Vrubel was born to Larisa and Alexei Vrubel, two pure-bloods who were never in love. They came from two very rich families, who had betrothed them at an early age. He also has a little sister, Kateryna, whom he loves dearly, and it's mutual between them. Since they're only ten months apart, they spend more time together than typical. They're like twins, really. Almost inseparable. They would usually go find a tree to go climb while their parents were in an argument. When the kids were 7, Alexei had died- of natural causes. Larisa was more heartbroken than would have been expected, but so was Mikhail and Kat.

The next few years went by quite slowly. Larisa had taken over the family business, so she was out more. Mikhail and Kat felt a little forgotten, but they always had each other! Soon they both were sent off to the Eastern European Magic School, where she was sorted into Mielkutė, while Mikhail was sorted into Boyanova. They were separated, but still managed to catch each other throughout their years. Now they're both in their fourth years, and hope to keep moving on.

Mik is a very calm and endearing person. he takes his spot in a rich family much more serious than his sister, which is why he's always ditching on their plans. He's quite adventurous, and is really happy to go out of his way to make people look like fools if they screw with him or his friends and family. He still loves his sister, and wishes they could spend more time together. He's bright and fun and playful, but he's very cool and serious when he needs to be.

Full Name

Mikhail Dominik Vrubel


MEEK-ail DOHM-in-ICK VROO-bull


"God-Like" "Of The Lord" "Sparrow"

Mikhail Vrubel

The name Mikhail is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Mikhail is: God like'.
The name Dominik is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Dominik is: Of the Lord.
  The surname Vrubel, From the Czech word vrabec "sparrow" which in the Silesian dialect was transformed into the form Vrubel.

Ethnicity Ukrainian
Native Language Russian, Ukranian
Languages Spoken English, Russian, Ukrainian
Accent Russian
Hometown Chernyakhiv
Type of Childhood Rich
Earliest Memory He and his sister climbing a tree
Pet -

Likes Adventure, knives
Dislikes Bullies, people with an inferiority complex
Handedness Right
Clothing Style Professional, edgy, hipster
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birthstone Topaz
Birth Flower Chrysanthemum
Favorite Scent Coffee, pine trees, strawberries
Favorite Drink Orange soda
Favorite Sweet Carrot cake, oatmeal cookies, cookie dough
Childhood Fear Necrophobia - Fear of death or dead things.
Phobia Pteromerhanophobia - Fear of flying.
Hobbies Exploring, socializing
Comfort Food(s) Vanilla pudding, Greek yogurt, oranges
Vices Arrogance

Secrets He doesn't like being judged, especially if it's negative.
Person He Secretly Admires His sister
Most Influenced By His sister (Subject to change)

Immediate Goals Pass EESM
Long Term Goals Travel a lot



He has a strained relationship with his mother, Larisa Vrubel.

He and his sister Kateryna were almost inseparable until they had gotten in a huge fight. (Updates to come).

His model is Avan Jogia

  • His patronus is a Sparrow- which shows his family pride.
  • His Boggart is flying.
  • He's a part of the Millionaires Club.
  • He loves his hair.
  • He once accidentally cut his sister while they were climbing a tree.