Where users can put quotes they are proud of to be immortalised in EESM history. Be proud of your creative mind! <3


"Ha. Ha. So funny. Wouldn't be laughing if that was knife wounds over //your// face instead of cake, would you?" - Emelia Dalca

"Are you sure you want to do that? You might know martial arts but I know over 500 ways to kill you with this knife and my bare hands." - Emelia Dalca

"Well, as I understood it it was a familial conversation, darling. I'm glad you heeded the know that I would have been all too happy to enact the accident with as much mature gore as humanely possible." - Brenna Amory


"It's the ringleader who's holding them together - cut them off from her and we might make the group lose their purpose." - Professor Ąžuolas Astrauckas

"Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn. Then //always// be a Unicorn." - Professor Ąžuolas Astrauckas

"I know you just want to protect her, Cristi darling, but you're staying at school. Even if she has to get me to lock you in a room with an iron door and barred window in Evgeny's house and personally cut you with a knife poisoned with gloriella." - Nadezhda Kozlovskaya

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