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Rikard Rasmussen is RPed by Red.
Rikard Ragnvald Rasmussen is a fifth year Boyanova at the Eastern European Academy of Magic.
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Rikard Rasmussen
Boyanova, 5th Year
Vital Statistics
January 7
Rasmus Eriksen (father)
Juliana Kent (mother)
Name Pronunciation
rih-KAR-d RASS-moos-sen
Eye Color
Hair Color
Magical Characteristics
Blood Status


Rikard's ginger hair almost always sticks out in a crowd. On top of its not-so-common color, he hates to fix it which is why it is almost always messy. He has his mother's brown eyes instead of his father's green ones, much to his dismay. He's taller than a lot of other students his age.


Rikard Ragnvald was born to to Rasmus Eriksen, a Danish photographer and artist and Juliana Kent, a British model. The two met at a shoot and quickly fell in love and got married as a spur of the moment decision that neither of them regretted. The two are still madly in love to this very day, but Juliana is insistent on keeping her surname and not adopting Rikard's because she "already let the baby have some weird Danish name, no offense, sweetie". Since she made it clear she would've simply named it Richard, Erasmus decided on the name Rikard, and picked the second name Ragnvald simply to continue the alliteration and annoy Juliana just a little bit.

Juliana attended Hogwarts where she was a Gryffindor, and Rikard attended Slavic where he was Mielkutė. After visiting EESM and two months or so of bickering about it, she gave in and let Rikard attend school there, much to Erasmus' pleasure. Though both were known more for their creativity and interest in art, they both came from prominent pure-blood families, and though they didn't mean to pass it on to Rikard, some of their pure-blood supremacist mentality has rubbed off on him. By the age of five, mudblood was already a part of Rikard's vocabulary.

When he turned eight, he had his first sign of magic. One day he was feeling particularly bratty and lazy and decided he didn't want to get up from bed and insisted that his parents bring him everything that he needed. When they refused, he made the objects levitate themselves. They were so excited that they almost forgot that they were supposed to be teaching him a lesson about laziness.

At the age of eleven, he was accepted into EESM, and sorted into Boyanova, much to the surprise of his parents, thinking that with his artistic talent he would've ended up in Mielkutė. However, the fact that he's a natural born leader prevailed over his creativity, and he was placed in the second oldest house of the school.

Personality and Traits

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Rikard tends to ramble a lot, talking about whatever comes to mind out loud, no matter who he's talking to. He's generally very happy and smiley, and is almost never quiet unless he's sleeping. He enjoys film, the only muggle thing that he likes, and carries around a Bolex 1600 to film those around him like a giant documentary. The Bolex was enchanted by his parents and approved by the school, seeing as it's a quite old model of a camera. He's more of a behind-the-scenes type, not liking to be in the spotlight, but is a natural born leader. Despite being very talkative and rambl-y, once he needs tog et something done he will get it done. He tends to do all the work a lot, not trustful of others when it comes to his projects, knowing that if you want to get it done right you have to do it yourself. Under stress he snaps at everyone and is only in a good mood around his best friends, who are pretty much the only ones who can calm him down.

Talk Bubble

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Rikard Rasmussen Boyanova, 6th Year • Denmark
-"I intend to live forever - so far so good."

 06:05, March 26, 2014 (UTC)

"Oh, so this is my talk bubble. Do you have one? Because if you do it means we can RP and that way we'll get to know each other and I don't know you might suck but then again you might not so let's hope for that, yeah?"

Skills and Magical Abilities

Rikard is very adept at Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. He really hates jinxes and hexes at them, but has proven to very good at them when someone doesn't follow what he wants them to do, having cast a tongue-tied curse on on a talkative groupmate during a project.





*Rikard has a strange fascination with etymologies of words and names.
*His favorite candy are Licorice Wands.
*He cannot draw, paint or anything artistic that is not film.
*He is also not very good at sports.
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