Rin Sakura Østergaard

"Yes sir! I respond Japanese way! Be unclear! Say one thing but mean something else completely opposite like 'I'll think about it'! Lie to them!"
General Information
Birth date February 27
Birth place Japan
Ethnicity Danish/Japanese
Accent Japanese
Blood status Pure Blood
Physical Characteristics
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'4'
Weight -
Magical Characteristics
Wand WIP
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Patronus Deer
Boggart Kiku, dying
Amortentia Cherry blossoms
Loyalty Hiranuma family, Østergaard Family, EESM, friends
School EESM
House Nikelkaj
Occupation Student

Quick InfoEdit


Rin means dignified

Sakura means cherry blossom

Østergaard means on the farmstead

凛櫻 is the Kanji for Rin Sakura


Rin's father Matthias, married Kura Honda, a Japanese woman. He'd met her whilst 'exploring' Japanese culture and deciding whether to live there permanently. They met in a restaurant when she taught him how to use a pair of chopsticks correctly.

They hit it off rapidly, eventually arranging to meet up again. Matthias applied for a citizenship test, through Kura he learnt a lot about Japan and was able to pass. He bought a house and they arranged further meetings.

During these meetings they steadily fell in love, more slowly than your average pair due to their bashful nature. Eventually Kura found the courage to ask him out, and he accepted, beginning what was to be a long term relationship.

They had a single child, Rin, who is their only child to date. The young girl leant more towards her mother's Japanese ways than her father's Danish ones, spending a lot of time with her also infant cousin Kiku Hiranuma.

She was a curious child with a certain hunger for knowledge, leading her to take intellectual pursuits from an early age unlike Kiku. Rin also developed a strange addiction to watermelon. She didn't want to go to Mahoutokoro merely because Kiku opted for EESM, due to her Danish father she could get in a lot more easily than him.

Rin was sorted into Nikelkaj.


Rin likes to read, almost as much as she likes watermelon. She likes to talk to people but isn't terribly outgoing, preferring to stay put. She has a slight fear of change and loves familiarity. She does care about herself deep inside and thinks this secret may be what got her into Nikelkaj. Some days she can be taciturn and quiet, others she can be very loud. It tends to fluctuate dramatically. She has a secret love for nature.



Matthias ØstergaardEdit

Rin loves her father, although he can be very overbearing at times she knows he just wants to protect her, in the true spirit of fathers.

Kura ØstergaardEdit

Rin is close to her mother, she is eternally grateful to her for sending her to EESM so her and Kiku wouldn't have to separate. She often owls her mother to stop her from fretting, as Kura does often.

Kiku HiranumaEdit

Rin is very close to Kiku, having grown up with him in Japan. They're good friends, as the only Japanese/half-Japanese people in EESM, that they know of.



  • She is addicted to watermelon.
  • Her model is Aragaki Yui/Yui Aragaki.

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