Sara Čermáková

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Roleplayed by CK

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Sara Čermáková

Vorobyov Fourth year


Vital Statistics
Age 15
Date of Birth February 8th, 2007
Birth Place Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
Ethnicity Czech
Accent Czech accented English
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-blood
Home Czech Republic

Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 167.67cm (5' 6")
Weight 52 kg

Magical Characteristics
Wand Wood Cedar
Wand Core Phoenix Feather
Wand Length 8 inches
Wand Arm Right
Patronus WIP
Boggart Her mother leaving her
Amortentia WIP

Affiliation & Relationships
Father Unknown
Mother Lucie Čermáková
Siblings None that she knows of
Other Important Figures None
Relationship Status Single
School EESM
House Vorobyov
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Sara Čermáková was born to Lucie Čermáková on February 8th. Lucie was a Muggle, but her father was a wizard, Lucie just wasn't aware of that. Sara grew up only knowing her mother, and has no idea who her father is. Life was going along great, growing up in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. Sara's signs of magic started when she was around six, with things like opening and shutting doors, or accidentally smashing plates. Lucie had no idea what was going on, and Sara was soon hidden by her mother, who was fearful that Sara would be taken away from her. Sara was home-schooled growing up, just another way for Lucie to shield Sara from society. When Sara got her letter to the Slavic School of Magic, and found out that her father was a wizard, she was stunned. She briefly blamed her mother for not telling, but she could see just how confused her mother was too, and she stopped.

Sara started at EESM, and was sorted into Vorobyov. Her first years of school passed by without much of note, but she did try to steer clear of men. If growing up with a sort of nervous single Mom had done anything, it made her very cautious of men, and she doesn't trust them. So any friends she made were girls, and she found she was rather frightened of male teachers.

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Sara has no trust in men whatsoever, due to her father leaving her mother before she was even born. There is some curiosity as to who this man was, but for all her life, her mother has been her rock, and she knows she doesn't need him. Sara's very warm and caring to people she trusts, and very cold and distant from those she doesn't. She trusts her heart far more than her head, and is quick to react to her instincts. She does okay in school for the most part, but she's not the top of every class.


Sara gif2

Sara is a little shorter for her age, and she has light brown hair and blue eyes. She ususally just wears her hair down, unstyled, though if it's a special occasion, she might do something nice to it. She usually just wears regular clothes, because they're more practical.


*Raised by a single Mom

*Has no idea who her father is, and is sometimes curious, but for the most part doesn't care.

*She is bi-lingual, speaking both Czech and English. Her mother did some studying in England, and figured it would be important for Sara to know.

*Čermáková is her mother's name. She doesn't know what her father's surname is.

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