Svyatoslav Sokolov
The Boy of Three Faces

Roleplayed by Amelia


"Let's dance to joy division, and celebrate the irony!
Everything is going wrong, but we're so happy!
-The Wombats, Let's Dance To Joy Division


Full Name Svyatoslav Vladimirevich Sokolov
Born September 7
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Human/Wizard
Location Home
Schooling Eastern European School of Magic
Current Status Alive
Relationship Status Single and not looking (asexual, aromantic)
Nationality Russian
Sexuality Asexual and Aromantic
Accent Russian, although his alternate personality favours a German one.


Vices He plays 'this is the church and this is the steeple' with his fingers when nervous, no matter which personality.
Bad Habits Lying. When his third personality gains control he bites his nails.
Quirks Always, always, always has nightmares. And he talks in his sleep.
Attitude Varies.
Special Talents He can sing, and he's a fair writer.
Social Skills Not quite up to par...most of the time.


Svyato is a complex person in more ways than one, but no part of him is more deep and bizarre than his personality. Three different modes, so to speak, each one different in their essence, and it's difficult to know which one you'll encounter him in. If you see him with a bloody knife, it's probably number three and you're better off running away. The other two are easily interpreted by facial expression, which is difficult to read from afar.

No matter which he happens to be in, he is a compulsive liar. That means you probably know nothing about him; he feels no remorse for lying at all. He knows that he is lying - he's just not guilty because of it. The way in which he lies - articulate ribbons or blatant, flat out lies depend on his mood, or mode.
Number one is almost depressing - he's a depressed drug addict with far too many tattoos. Sometimes near catatonic, and so far the only person to pull him from the stupor is his sister Clara, the sane one. His family are the only ones who see the introverted, sad young man he really is, it's never really showcased to everybody else.
Number two is the public display - carefree, smiling, extroverted and caring. These effects are often added to by the Cheering Charm to keep him happy for the school day. Clara is usually the trigger for his happy self - her and his youngest sister. He will befriend anyone, but no matter how close they get to him - the fact stands that they will never know what lies behind that permanently bolted door.

Number three is a sadist. A ruthless killer. It doesn't come out very often, but it did once. Someone saw what was going on in the house, and was going to get a professor. Something inside of him clicked. Of course, like everything was, it was blamed on Brenna Amory - and Svyato is fine with that.

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