Flames - that's all that's left now, remnants of the flames that began the revolution, the rebellion, burning through the fallen debris incessantly even though everyone who was once here is long gone. Small children, they play in the rubble, not knowing that it is a graveyard for many and should be left alone, in peace. But still the children laugh and squeal, dancing among the charred stone, the final flames. Nobody remembers what happened here, or at least nobody is willing to, because it was a tragedy, and nobody likes tragedies. Especially not those of such darkness, such depth...such death. Bitter tears, blood and screaming mark the tale...but without the bad, there would be nobody to write about the good.

It's the same bittersweet feeling that lies within me now, writing the real final goodbye to roleplaying as we know it here at Eastern European School of Magic. It was brief but colourful, but now the wiki is to be left to the grips of fate, fangirls, and fanfiction. So, it's here that I propose we leave this fanfiction - the only page to be left editable so that we can still have fun. Writing about how the Aces could have graduated, how the Sokolovs lived the rest of their lives, how Aaron Leppala chose to die, if Joakim Kassenburg ever danced. So, we can still tell everyone what happened, and write group fanfiction, and all of that. But it's here to stay, to replace what we haven't got. Look at it the way we left it.

Of course I feel regret at having to leave it like this - I think I speak for everyone when I say this, but it's what's right, and it's bittersweet but beautiful to leave our characters frozen in time, old roleplays restored and left for all to read and laugh and smile and sob together. Brenna, Emelia, Alfred, Gio, Chiara, Shan, Alassea, Elenya, Brook, Alicia, Kornelia, Franciska, Nie, Xei, Apol, Sorin, Ivan, Laurent, Xavier, Sienna, Lavinia, and Catrin mean a lot to me as I'm sure your characters do too. But it's time for me to let them go, embrace each one and say goodbye, as they are no longer children, needing to be guided by me, their mother - but are now ready to fend for themselves. It doesn't mean I'm not sad - believe me, I'm bawling, but it has to happen.

So, I hope you guys will join me in my endeavours to make this the official EESM memorial, where we continue to remember. February 1, 2014 - November 27, 2014, but still we write on about the legacy we left here. Check back to see if users have left their goodbyes, too.


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