Toraka Haruka Mikazuki--AKA Tora


The Deafest Drummer

Name Meaning:

虎子{Torako-Baby Tiger} {Haruka-Distant} 三日月 {Mikazuk-Crescent Moon}--虎-Tora-Tiger












109 lbs




Tora seriously doesn't care enough right now to think about it.



Tora is the Sweden-born daughter of a Japanese father and Swedish mother, who both loved her dearly. Both were magical peoples, purebloods to be exact, but they taught her to be accepting of other races/blood statuses/nationalities...etc. She went to a muggle school for seven years before moving on to her magical education. She wasn't the most popular all. Her shortcomings gave her a lot of difficulties and many children made fun of her for them--which is when she developed her streetfighting skills! (Yay!) After a while, those idjits learned not to mess with her where she could see them.

Durmstrang. Two years. Not kind. Those children aren't as easily intimidated by flashy tricking moves (she's a martial arts tricker) as muggles. 'Nuff said. (Aka: traumatizing.)

Despiter her...auditory shortcomings, Haru is an impressive drummer. Her performances are limited to friends and passers-by, occaisionally, but that doesn't deter her from her passion. Because of the vibrations,etc. she can feel the rythym she is creating.

Her biggest wish is to hear. She wants to hear the world around her more than anything else. Speech, to her, is only a minor asset. Her parents never really had her ears checked, so she still has hopes that one day she'll be able to listen to everything she's ever wanted to. (Depite her philosophy on speech, she would begin work on that if/when she got ears straight--her voice is one of the things she'd like to hear.)

Last year, her parents were killed. They were both aurors for the Swedish ministry, and on one mission...they were overpowered and...put to rest. Haru was sent to live with her aunt, who shall remain unnamed because she is a word that starts with 'B' and rhymes with 'witch'. Haru hates it; her aunt is so strict it's almost like living at boot camp. Now Tora is being sent to EESM, and she's expecting it to be no different from Durmstrang--hell.


Torako, or Tora, is a fairly expressive young woman--but very quiet. She can't hear or all. (She uses sign laguage (she knows Swedish sign language, Japanese, American, and British) and a handy-dandy whiteboard she always carries with her. She can also lip-read excellently in each of those languages.) She has a great--if slightly odd--sense of humor, and enjoys making puns and wisecracks--which are hard to convey (of course). So, instead, she just smiles to hearself (a lot. She's almost always thinking some amusing thought.). She's nice to most people most of the time, but has her own way of being manipulative so she gets what she wants, and sometimes, when angered, can be very, very mean. She has a reputation for being loyal and extremely protective of her friends--and very cruel to those friends that stab her her in the back. She's very intelligent, but doesn't always work like she should.




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