Full Name
Vasil Zhivko Chilikov

(VAH-Seel) (sz-IH-f-k-oh) (Ch-ee-lee-Koo-ph)

"King" "Living" "Steel"

Running, martial arts, taking showers

Being yelled at, being looked down on, smelly people


Clothing Style:
Sporty, casual

Birth Date:
July 8th

Zodiac Sign:


Birth Flower:
Water Lilu

Favorite Scent:
The ocean, fresh water, evergreen trees

Favorite Drink:
Apple juice

Favorite Sweet:
Blueberry muffins

Childhood Fear:
Being judged or looked down on

Not being able to move

Running, martial arts

Comfort Food(s):
Biscuits, muffins

Easily ticked off, workaholic

He started running and martial arts to please his dad. He secretly loves it.

Person He Secretly Admires:
His friends

Most Influenced By:
His dad

Immediate Goals:
Survive EESM

Long Term Goals:
Be famous for his running or martial arts



Native Language:
Bulgarian, German

Languages Spoken
Bulgarian, German, a bit of Russian, and English


Type of Childhood
Active and busy

Earliest Memory
Showing his magic to his brother


  • He writes to his family every week, but to this day, he's had no reply.
  • He has a small scar on his arm from a fight he had gotten in in his earlier years.
  • He's a bit of a workaholic, and is usually busy or finding stuff to do.
  • His patronus is/will be a cheetah.
  • His boggart is everybody turning against him.


Vasil Zhivko Chilikov was bonr for Aleksandar and Ekaterina Chilikov, two muggles who had gotten together two years after high-school. The two were hopelessly in love with one another, and their lives were picture perfect- especially after their two sons, Vasil and Boris. Boris is Vasil's twin brother, and though the two were practically inseparable in their first few years, after his first sign on magic, which was being able to move things when he was four, Vasil was shut out from his brother. For this reason, he never told his mom and dad about the magic. They had one more child- a daughter named Angel. While she was a few years younger than her brothers, by the time Vasil was 7 and she was 5, the two were best friends- and he didn't make the mistake of showing his sister his magic.

His dad had always wanted kids like Vasil and Boris. He wanted a son, and to him, two was even better. Their dad was hard on them, making sure they always ate right, and were in shape. The kids were raised to be athletic, though Boris was always more of a bookworm. Vasil decided to make his dad happy. Actually, he sort of enjoyed running by the time he was eight years of age, and he was starting to learn martial arts by the time he was nine.

His parents were awestruck when they had finally found out about his magic- when a weird man came to their door and showed them EESM, and what he could do. In fact, even his brother was supportive. Turns out he had gotten in contact with another Wizard, who lent him books on the Wizarding World. The boys are close now, but not as close as they were at the age of three.

Vasil was sorted into the Vorobyov house, and is now in his Sixth year, having met a small group of friends who are his kind of people- active and nice.



Vasil is a caring person- he can be very empathetic and very comforting, but other times, he's very dangerous, and can be seen as impulsive and a bit stupid. He is, in fact, not stupid, and is very smart, thinking before he speaks, most of the time. Because of that habit, he's sort of quiet, and can be seen as shy. People tend to like him anyways, because he's very charismatic and fun to be around.

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