Visenya Camilla Valeryon


Visenya Camilla Velaryon was born in Hammerfest, Norway, second child, with Naerys, her twin, to the purebloods Daemon and Visenya Velaryon née Westerling, whom which Vis was named after. Her family was one of five branches, every child of which would be born a metamorphmagus with white-blonde hair and purple eyes. There is another family like theirs - the Fossoways - who vowed to wipe out all five other families. When she and her twin, Naerys, who goes by N, was 13, her brother, who now goes by X, was 14, and their younger sister, Elaena, was 10, a group of Fossoways broke into their house. They all knew the protocol for this happening, but only X, N, and her escaped alive, which has made X extremely over-protective of his sisters.
After their escape, the siblings wandered for a while, until they were found by a man who called himself L and taken to the Alphabet Gang, where they were given the letters v, N and X, and created fourteen other aliases and backstories. L became their teacher, and later he and F brought A, N and X's cousin, to the group. Her main purpose right now is to stay hidden, so they switch aliases often.


V keeps some of the most important things to herself. She feels as if she's about to break down crying? She gives out a facade. She smiles it through. But she's really very tough, and doesn't take any shit. She seems to give out the more innocent vibe of her siblings, but she'd be one of the most likely to defend herself with a knife if need be. She seems scared, and she is, but she cares about her siblings, and doesn't want to seem weak.
Being a Metamorphmagus, she sometimes likes to make it so her hair and eye colour go brown, but loves her natural look as well.

Birthday: May 1st
Age: 19
Nationality: Norwegian
Wand Arm: Right
Species: Witch, Metamorphmagus
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: White-Blonde
Eye Colour: Violet
Height: 5'1"
Family: Xavier (X) Velaryon - Older Brother
Naerys (N) Velaryon (twin sister)
Aegon (A) Velaryon-Westerling - Cousin
Frøybjørn (F) Westerling - Cousin

Vices: Grudges, Falseness, theft
Virtues: Adaptibility, Caution, Realism
Person She Trusts Most: Twin Sister
Favorite Hobby: Throwing knives
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food : Italian
Place She Wants To Visit Most: Italy

Letha Rumancek

Letha Rumancek is a Romanian girl who was born to a business-man, and a housewife. She has a brother and a younger sister, but never talks to them. The reason why is simple; She hated life in Romania, and fell in love with a man, so as soon as she graduated from Beauxbatons, Letha moved to Russia, hiding from her family, and staying with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend uended up breaking her heart about a year later, so she dumped him. He inexplicably disappeared, and, trying to make a new life for herself, she moved on. She loves writing, and works as an independent author and journalist. Age: 22

Runa Mckinley

Runa McKinley is a girl barely out of EESM. She was born to two British Ministry officials, who sent her to EESM in hopes of getting rid of her after getting expelled for the third time from Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons respectively. She smokes, does drugs, and sleeps around, but mostly because she's pissed at her parents; This is her payback, and her never coming back is her final revenge. Age: 20

Елена Августовна Смирнова

Елена Августовна Смирнова Elena Avgustovna Smirnova is a Russian girl who was born to two middle-class people. She was given up for adoption not long after she was born. Her parents couldn't support her, anyways. She was adopted by two upper-class people, a socialite and a CEO of a business. The two treated her really well up until they realized she had magic. The young girl was practically forcd out, then, nd she was taken to EESM, where she spent her next seven years in peace. Once she graduated, she ended up working in a Cubicle in the muggle world, but stayed in touch with the Wizarding World, living there, and typically visiting bars. Age: 25

Феликс Фёдорович Константинопольский

Феликс Фёдорович Константинопольский - Feliks Feodorovich Konstantionopol'sky is a Russian boy who was raised in a middle-class family, and lived in Russia his whole life. He rarely talks to his family- Mainly because they never get along, and because his father is never happy for him. Feliks is a businessman in the Muggle World, and typically visits the Wizarding World when he needs something of value done. Age: 26

Neo Luter

Neo Luter grew up in South Africa. She was a young bright girl, but she felt that she didn't have much of a place there. After being sent off to EESM, she found her place as a witch, and loved it there. So she didn't go back. She misses her family and friends dearly, but now that she has a life and a job, she's happy. She works as an Apothecary owner. Age: 27

Cecilia Aschenbrener

Cecilia comes from an upstanding German family. Pure-blood, Durmstrang, as far back as anyone knows. Cecilia and her older brother Falk were under large amounts of stress from a very young age. Cecilia started stealing when they were quite small. Their family had enough money; she did it for the sake of doing something she shouldn't. Falk sometimes went out and got drunk off his ass. She never joined him. Age: 19

Jessica Benson

An American girl born to an Ambassador for Russia. Well, half-american. Her dad was a Russian woman who ended up taking her when her parents got divorced. She was sent to EESM, and was happy growing up. Her mother died of hay fever, but by that time, Jess was an adult, and gained all her fortune, which was quite a bit. She's happily living as a bartender in a Muggle bar, and paying her way for her future. age: 23

Saera Lannister

Born to an unknown male and female, she was left in an orphanage when she was a baby- the fact of that never bothered her. What did was, it was a wizard orphanage. And people made fun of her. She eventually learned to fight back, and when she started Hogwarts, she waved them all goodbye on somewhat good terms. She raised herself from Hogwarts, staying in during summers and holidays. When she finally did graduated, she didn't excel in much, so she took a baby job at the Ministry. age: 35

James Jensen

He was born in a large family in a developing city. He lived comfortably until he was about 16 years old, but at that point life began to change. His parents decided to move them to Russia to get a new job going there. He was sent to EESM and was happily living for a while- he even got a pet. Unfortunately, his parents got on the wrong side of some thugs, and ended up dead. Heartbroken, but still thankfully living, James went on to live his life at teh fullesst, getting a job in the ministry... With a few side jobs on the side, continuing on his family's dark legacy. age: 30

Belle Williams

Belle's mother had a knack for getting pregnant on vacation. She said it was because she always forgot to pack contraceptives.

Belle and her twin, Beau, and younger brother Fitzroy, were all conceived that way. Beau and Belle were conceived on a trip to France. Their mother named them Beau and Belle because she thought they were half-French and should have French names. The twins were 10 before she learned that neither name was a name that's actually used in France.

Fitzroy was conceived on a trip to Australia. Age: 24

Kristýna "Katka" Kratochvílová

Katka grew up with her parents in the City, and she lived as an only child. Until her favorite cousin, František, ran away, and begged to stay with them.

He landed it the backyard, and Katka saw him from the window of her room. After František explained what'd happened, Katka sneaked her cousin into her room, where he stayed for a day and a half until Ludmila — Katka's mother and František's aunt — found out. The kids watched nervously from the door way as Ludmila threw Flood Powder into the fire and stuck her head into the flames. After a long conversation with František's parents, they agreed that František could stay for 1 month, after which they would discuss it again.

So for a month, František lived with them. František and his Katka spent ever day talking and goofing off and building complex blanket forts in Katka's room. Ludmila treated her nephew as well as ever, even despite knowing what he did. Katka didn't care much, either. The month flew by all to fast. At the end of the month, František and Katka squeezed each other's hands so tight it almost cut of their circulation as Ludmila stuck her head in the fire and talked to Darina and Rostislav again. After some pleading from the kids and František threatening to run away again in they made him go back, his parents agreed on 6 month; František could live there for 6 months, and then he would come home, no matter what.

The months passed, with more blanket forts.

The 5th month of his stay marked František's 10th birthday. After his birthday, he set about enjoying, savoring the last month, as he knew would be over all to soon. At first, František thought he was doing that well, and that's why it seemed to last so long. But as time passed, and kept passing, he slowly came to understand the 6 month had come and gone. At first he stayed quiet, hoping the adults had forgotten. But as the summer passed, it seemed to good to be true. And when František causally mentioned it to his aunt, Ludmila brushed it away.

That fall, František started Durmstrang with his cousin, despite being a year younger than her. At school, the two of them gained a slight reputation with their teachers as being troublemakers.

In their 7th year, Katka dropped out because she was pregnant.

Katka was of age, and there was nothing to be done about her dropping out, but František was only 16, as he started a year early. Rostislav insisted that he was still his child, still underage, and as long as he still had parental legal rights over him, he would do everything is his power to stop František from becoming a dropout and teen parent, like his cousin. And with that, František was sent to EESM

Katka raised her daughter, Freja, by herself, getting a house in town and getting a job, raising her the best she could Age: 18

Leela Abbadelli

Leela was born to Italian crpenter Arsenio and Aurora Abbadella. She's a muggleborn Witch who was vast out when she wanted to go to Beauxbatons. Because of this, she actred out a lot at the school, and ended up getting expelled. With her parents not really caring abuot her anymore, Leela was sent to the worst school they suggested- EESM. She hated it there, but she got through, somehow. She excelled at charms, and earned money thinking up inventions.

Age: 26



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