Zita Szarka's Room
Zita's Room

My room is a single room in the EESM dormitories. I could have bunked with some of my classmates, apparently groups are acceptable. That, of course, was not something I was interested in. At all. Having someone around who could constantly with probable potentiality be in my bubble of comfort space. Able to touch all of my little Hungarian trinkets. No.

My pendants, and my greeting cards are special to me. The real ones I keep ferociously protected, locked in my trunk. Yes. The one with the skull on it. Enough of a warning 'Not To Touch'. My Baguette Bag, and Gift Box, my beloved Elizabeth Batheroy posters, replaceable. As with my cursed objects left for the daring, they stay on display. The same with the large metal 'S'. You see, it sees you.